The Best Way to Up Your Sock Game: A Sock of the Month Club Review


If you’re searching for an awesome gift idea, then look no further than the sock of the month club! Now I know what you’re thinking, who buys socks as a gift? The answer to that question depends on who you’re giving the socks to and how much you know about their sock game. But when it comes to gifting socks, you can never go wrong with the sock of the month club. It is literally the best way to up your sock game and it’s only $10 per month! What more could you ask for?


How it works

It might sound strange, but there are a lot of benefits to getting a sock subscription. First off, it's a fun way to get yourself some new socks every month! And you don't have to go out and buy any socks. But there are even more benefits that come with being on a sock subscription. For starters, they're usually cheaper than buying all your socks at once, so you save money in the long run by purchasing them monthly. Plus, if you know what size and style of socks you like, it's super easy for them to send you your favorite ones every month - no thinking required! All in all? Sign up for this sock subscription! You won't regret it.


Pros and Cons

Pros - Our favorite aspect is that we get fun and colorful socks every month. As a result, our sock game has been elevated significantly! We have not worn a matching pair since we joined this club. The company sends us different colors and styles each time so they're not just sending us one type of socks. Cons - It can be really expensive if you are on a budget. You can spend up to $40 in one month which is quite pricey for what essentially amounts to an accessory. Also, it takes awhile for your first box to arrive (around 3-4 weeks).
sock of the month Club is an awesome way for men with even the most boring sock drawer and wardrobe closet to step their game up!


Bottom Line

A sock of the month club is a great way to up your sock game. It makes a great gift for yourself or someone else, and with so many different options it is hard not to find something you love. Plus, it is just as much fun for men as it is for women.
SockGuy offers socks for every occasion and price point, with monthly deliveries starting at $10 per month. The company also offers an annual membership which includes 12 months of socks and costs only $120 (plus shipping). If you want more than one pair each month they offer two packages at $14 per month or three pairs each month at $17 per month.