The Best Way to Stay Socked: A Monthly Subscription Box


Give your toes the gift of joy and comfort with Philosockphy Socks, the best way to stay socked. This monthly sock subscription box delivers three pairs of new, fun, different socks every month to you, delivered right to your door. Not only are these socks adorable, but they’re also designed to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day with well-designed cutouts in the right places and high-quality fabrics that wick away moisture and prevent rubbing and blisters. And the best part? You don’t even have to think about it!


What are socks?

Socks are an integral part of any outfit, and a monthly subscription box for socks is the best way to stay socked. Society6 makes it easy to find colorful socks or dress socks for men, in a range of styles and colors. Whether they're fun ankle socks or crazy color dress socks, they're perfect for adding some personality to their look. They also offer crew socks and other types of men's sock, in addition to great gift options like coloured ankle socks or cool mens socks. These are just some of the many reasons Society6's monthly sock subscription box is the best way to stay socked!


What you get in each box

Each month, we send you a pair of high quality socks that is sure to keep your feet warm and happy. We focus on men's socks because they're harder to find in stores and our goal is for men to feel as comfortable as possible! We never want them to have to worry about their socks - that's why we do all the work for them.
We hand-pick each pair of socks so it will look good with any outfit. Our goal is for you to wear these fun, colorful, happy socks with any outfit - dress or casual. Plus, our monthly subscription boxes are delivered right at your doorstep so you don't even need to go out and get them!


Where do they ship?

Philosockphy socks are the best sock subscription box for men. They're a monthly subscription box that sends high quality, colorful and fun mens socks straight to your door. Philosockphy socks ships all over the world and has been delivering happiness for people all over the globe since 2013!


Cost Analysis

Philosockphy is a monthly subscription box that sends you a pair of fun and funky socks each month. The cost is $13.99/month, plus shipping. Shipping costs vary depending on your location, but it's typically around $2-3 in the United States. That brings the total per month to be around $16-$18 for two pairs of socks. If you subscribe for a full year, then you'll be paying just under $176 for 12 months of socks ($14.99/month). Plus if you order with the current promo code YEARLY then you'll receive an additional 10% off! That's a savings of over $20!