The best way to start your day - Sock of the Month Subscription

Have you ever been so in love with an item of clothing that you just had to have it? Not only did you want it, but you wanted everyone else to have it too, right? Well our newest sock of the month subscription, The Sharpest Philosophy Socks Yet , has that kind of appeal that’s going to sweep the nation.

Why we think sock subscriptions are awesome
Reason #1: It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Think about how awesome it would be if every month you got a new, awesome pair of socks in the mail just for being you? That’s exactly what our sock subscription program is all about. Every month we surprise you with new socks from brands you love. And guess what? You never have to buy any of them again! You can throw them out or give them away or even wear two pairs at once. The choice is yours! Reason #2: Our socks are freaking cool! We work hard to make sure every brand of sock we feature brings something unique and exciting to our subscribers. If you dig ninja turtles, cute sloths or encyclopedic biographies (okay, maybe not quite so much), then you’ll love everything that comes in these boxes. Getting socks sent straight to your door every month means never having to say I can’t think of anything I want ever again! Ever! Reason #3: You deserve to treat yourself! This one is simple. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday or some other reason, getting socks in your mailbox each month is an easy way to feel like someone cares without making any extra effort. And isn’t that nice?

What makes Sharptooth so special?
We have designed our sock subscription service with you in mind. We know how hard it is to find cool socks, so we made it simple by sending them directly to you each month. Our mission is to help bring happiness and comfort into your life. After all, isn’t that what life is about? Finding happiness and joy wherever we can! With Sharptooth socks, you will be able to smile every time you put on a pair of unique and colorful socks from your sock drawer. Here are a few reasons why:
Reasons Why Sharptooth Socks Are The Best:
#1 Reasons Why You Should Join Today! We love our members. We go out of our way to make sure you are satisfied and happy with all we do. That’s why it is so important for us that you feel like a part of Sharptooth, not just another customer. As a member, we’ll invite you on regular calls with new designs before anyone else gets them; we want everyone to be involved in what makes Sharptooth great. On top of that, as a member you get access to special deals and discounts throughout every month as well as early access to sales in between months.
#2 - Comfort: When wearing fresh socks from Sharptooth, you will notice how much more comfortable they feel compared to other socks brands. One reason is because we have paid attention to detail when designing each pair with unique graphics and never-seen-before patterns & styles.

What do I get when I join Sharptooth?
When you join Sharptooth, you’ll receive a set of two great pair of socks each month. Your first shipment will arrive within five business days from today, guaranteed. As an introductory offer, we’re giving you 50% off for as long as you remain subscribed. That’s about $15 worth of socks each month for just $7.50 – a savings of over 50%. We offer subscriptions for 1, 3 and 6 months in addition to our standard annual membership. You can also cancel at any time without penalty by contacting our customer service team or going to My Account on our website. Any applicable taxes will be added when you checkout; there are no additional charges due upon receipt of your socks.* Note: These are limited time offers that might change at any time! Some restrictions apply. Click here to learn more about our subscription plans. *All Sharptooth socks are final sale items and cannot be returned after purchase.. Unless otherwise stated on their product page (or next to their price). All sales are final, no refunds. Please note, all third party links used throughout our websites are provided only as a convenience to site visitors. Lending Tree is not responsible for content on third party sites or advertisements posted by those sites nor can it guarantee products/services offered through such links may not be changed or cancelled at any time. If you click-through to one of these sites from LendingTree and do business with them, we encourage you to check back often so that you always know what terms have been applied under which circumstances.

Why you should try Sharptooth over other sock subscriptions
This isn’t just any sock subscription service, it’s a serious commitment. We understand that people are making lifestyle choices and we want to be taken seriously by offering our customers more than just socks. When you buy from us, not only do you get socks every month but you also get access to exclusive content, discounts on other products, and an opportunity to interact with all of us here at Sharptooth. Each month is like a little gift to yourself, which is why we call it sock of the month. You will be so glad you joined one of our subscriptions because buying socks has never been so rewarding! There are two options for how long you can subscribe for: monthly or yearly. And in case you’re wondering about how safe and secure your payment is on our website, have no fear; we use Stripe as our primary credit card processor. They have fraud protection policies that allow them to handle millions of transactions without losing a dollar – while spending less money per transaction than any other major credit card processor out there. Yes, they really do provide world-class security. Your information is secured through 256-bit SSL encryption using TLS/SSL protocols, verified through TRUSTe certification and protected against data breaches via tokenization technology. In addition to Stripe security standards, your card data travels over our private SSL connection so that even if someone does manage to intercept your information en route (due to their tactics being smarter than ours), they still won’t be able to read it.

Where can I buy Sharptooth?
Sharptooth socks are available online and you can order them directly from our website or via Amazon. We offer two subscription models. The first is a monthly subscription model and there is also a yearly subscription which provides discounts. Our subscriptions service allows you to cancel at any time! Which makes it simple if, for example, you find that there are some months when you simply don’t want a new pair of socks every month! If you decide to take part in our sock of the month program, we’ll send a new pair of super-cool socks straight to your door every single month, and we guarantee no salesmen will visit... ever! (If they do pop round unannounced though please do get in touch.) And one more thing... While our subscribers tell us they love getting fresh socks delivered straight to their door each month without fail, sometimes life gets in the way. So don't worry if you miss a month here and there; just sit tight and relax while we go ahead and deliver those socks on your behalf so you always have a nice fresh pair just ready to wear. Again, with all these options being flexible, cancellable and guaranteed 100% stress free means its easy for anyone to make sock of the month club happen! No matter what kind of person you are... as long as you love socks like we do then why not give Sharptooth socks a try? :-) Just visit our website to sign up now! Don't forget once you've signed up, check out our other socks too ;-) You might enjoy: [Bullet list link] That's it for now. Many thanks and keep reading!! ;-) Readmore

You had me at socks. How much does it cost?
We’re so confident you’ll love our socks, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. We also ship you fresh socks for only $9/month (USA). Just imagine if you got a new pair of cool socks each month for less than $10 – what would that do for your commute? Who wouldn’t look forward to a sock happy mail day? Sign up today and have those socks shipped out immediately! Subscribe with PayPal or credit card and get free shipping! The socks are available in adult sizes: Small - 8-11 / Medium - 10-13 / Large 13+ / Xtra Large 15+ There’s more!: Don’t worry, there is no additional cost if you decide at any time during your subscription that it wasn't right for you. You can cancel anytime!
Let us know how we can help: Would you like us to add on a t-shirt or coffee mug to make it easier? Need some socks but don't have time for subscriptions? Send us an email and let us know how we can help :)
Additional details about order fulfillment coming soon... Thank you!!