The Best Way to Find Your New Favorite Socks


Each month, you get a new pair of socks in the mail, but why does it always seem like it’s not quite what you wanted? There’s something missing with your sock of the month club membership that keeps you from feeling fulfilled and excited each month when your socks arrive. With Philosockphy, you won’t find yourself disappointed again! Learn how to make the most out of your membership here!


Benefits of Having a Complete Pair

One of the best benefits of a complete pair of socks is that you'll never have to deal with mismatched socks again. You also get two pairs for the price of one, which means more variety and a chance for you to experiment with new brands. Plus, there are plenty of fun sock styles out there that can make your outfit stand out in a sea of boring dress slacks.
Whether it's colorful socks or ankle socks, having a complete pair will give you peace-of-mind when you're matching your clothes in the morning. It also makes getting dressed so much faster!


How to Become a Member

It's so easy to find your new favorite socks with the monthly sock subscription. All you have to do is pick from a variety of different styles and colors, enter in your size, and sign up. Once you're signed up for the club, you'll never again wonder what kind of socks you should wear! You'll also get a new pair of socks every month!


Tips on Choosing the Right Membership

It's easy to get carried away with all the different options available when it comes time to sign up for a monthly sock of the month club. With so many colors and designs, it can be difficult to narrow down your favorite. To help you choose, here are some tips on what makes the perfect sock of the month club subscription:
1) Check the company's reviews. What do other customers say about their socks? Do they have any problems with them? 2) Is there a sizing chart available? Some companies only carry one size, while others offer different sizes for every foot shape or shoe size. 3) How often does your membership ship out new pairs of socks for you?


Some Of Our Favorites

There are a few things that we look for when shopping for socks. We want our socks to be comfortable, colorful, and durable. With the sock of the month club we got all three. The best part about this sock of the month club is that it comes with a variety of different types of socks from dressy work socks to crazy color dress socks! When my husband and I first saw the fun assortment of colors and styles we thought it was going to be hard picking our favorite but in fact we found one right away and after wearing it for a day or two we each picked another pair as well!


Final Thoughts About The sock of the month Club

I have tried a few sock subscriptions and this one is by far the best! They have great quality socks that never fall apart. I also love their variety, they have something for everyone: ankle socks, fun dress socks, crew socks- you name it!