The best way to enjoy your sock subscription is to pair each monthly sock with the perfect outfit.

If you’re wondering what to wear with socks of the month, you’re not alone. Many people are impressed by the craftsmanship of your favorite socks and want to wear them outside the house, but they don’t know how to pair them with clothing that won’t get them funny looks or make people walk wide around them on the sidewalk! We’ve put together this easy guide on what to wear with socks of the month so you can look great and enjoy your sock subscription every day!

What is the vibe of this month's sock?

This month, our socks are colorful and vibrant! With colors like lavender, turquoise, and teal, these socks are sure to match any style. This month's socks include a mix of different types of fabrics- some have a ribbed cuff while others have a soft cotton lining that's oh-so-cozy. The most important thing when wearing socks of the month? Paired it with an outfit that you love!

Match your socks with shoes you already own

You might be wondering what to wear with socks of the month. Most people have a lot of shoes and can find a matching pair or two! If you don't have any, then you're in luck because there are many ways to match any kind of socks. You can go bright and bold like my yellow loafers that I'm wearing here, or you could use a more neutral color for something more versatile like black flats or brown boots.

Go simple

Socks of the Month are a great way to make sure you're never without new socks! They're also a fun and easy gift for any occasion. With twelve different colors, there's an option for every personality and style.

Each month, you'll receive a package of three pairs of socks from sock of the month Club—selected just for you based on your preferences and style profile. Plus, it will come in its own shipping envelope with custom stickers so you can share it as a gift or keep it all to yourself. All orders are placed by 11:59pm PST on the last day of every month, so choose how many months you'd like at checkout and get ready for your next shipment!

Mix it up

What can you do when you get bored of wearing your socks? You can wear a different color each day! This will give you a chance to spice up your style and try new things. Plus, it's an easy way to change up what you do every day in order to stay motivated at work or school!

Do colorful socks come in any other colors than bright, bold colors? Yes! There are also neutral colors like brown, black, and even pink and purple if that's more of what you're looking for!

What should I wear with my socks of the month? The right clothes will make all the difference in how comfortable you are throughout the day.