The Best Socks Subscription Boxes to Keep Your Feet Happy

The Best Socks Subscription Boxes to Keep Your Feet Happy

The number of sock subscription boxes on the market has grown exponentially in recent years, and it can be hard to determine which ones are the best. I’ve evaluated every single sock subscription box available to figure out which ones offer socks that will please your feet and keep them happy no matter how active you are. Below you’ll find my top picks for the best sock subscription boxes you can choose from! Let’s take a look at each one!

3 Good Reasons to Buy a Sock Subscription

Subscriptions make giving easy. There are tons of gift ideas out there but many are not suitable for gifting. If you have a hard time choosing gifts, don’t buy a subscription and give your friend or family member (or yourself) an awesome sock every month! Special occasions. Birthdays, graduation or wedding...all special occasions that call for something unique and fun like Philosockphy’s monthly subscription boxes for men and women. When is it time to ditch that old pair of socks? The constant washing and drying can break down even some of our most high-quality socks.

How it Works

Philosockphy’s three sock-of-the-month club options are different depending on how you want your gift boxes delivered. The most economical option is a $39.95 subscription that comes out every other month and ships either 2 or 3 pairs of socks from Philosockphy’s stylish collection. This box also includes a free pair of high socks every season. If you don’t care about frequency, there are two higher subscription options: an $89 per quarter or an $118 per half year plan, both sending 3 pairs of premium athletic socks to your door at any time during those periods.

Who is it For?

The socks subscription box is perfect for individuals looking for something different. These types of subscriptions are great if you want a new pair of socks every month without actually having to do any shopping. Individuals who enjoy putting together their own boxes, however, might want to try out a different type of subscription service. You can purchase all sorts of gifts through these services and everything is customizable so you know exactly what you’re getting in each box. The best part about subscription boxes is that they force you to try new things and get out of your comfort zone! #spoilerswedidntwarnyouaboutthisfirst2wordsinthissentenceifyoureadthemfirst!

Other Details

Each box is handpicked by our team of sock experts and filled with fun, new designs that are constantly being added to! You can easily skip months or cancel anytime! With each shipment you'll receive two pairs of socks: one cozy pair and one fashionable pair. Wear them separately, mix and match them together - there's no right or wrong way. They're here to brighten up your day no matter what. We've also included a hidden Surprise Me! gift in every box so you never know what you're going to get. Just when your feet start getting tired from being out all day, we aim to refresh them with a collection of colorful yet comfy socks that are sure to bring out your personality. The best part?

All Year Gift Idea (For Her)

Find great gifts for your mom and sister here! We've curated a selection of our favorite, high-quality socks that are made just for women. From no-show socks (perfect for dresses) to socks that have cute designs, these are great choices for stocking stuffers or birthday presents. The best part is that all of these companies offer sock of the month club memberships so you can show someone you care on an ongoing basis—and with twelve pairs per shipment, it's like getting a brand new pair of special socks every month! Now who wouldn't love that?

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Instead of socks, you could also read 12 Reasons Why Everyone Needs __________. A subscription box is exactly that: a regular delivery of stuff on a specific theme (usually several items in each box). And while it's true that you can buy all sorts of odd things online or at your local big-box store, a subscription service allows you to save money while getting unique and memorable gifts. We love socks! Here are 11 reasons why!

4 Ways to Save with A Monthly Stocking Stuffer (for Him)

For men, it can be a challenge finding gifts for other guys. Unless you have an inside track on what is most popular with your guy, it’s hard to know what items he actually wants or needs. A subscription sock service is a great way for guys of all ages and interests to get a steady stream of new socks in each month. It keeps them stocked up on their favorite styles, makes sure they stay fresh in style, and helps keep them organized (it’s always bad when they lose one that really isn’t worn out yet). Four different companies offer great sock subscriptions and there are bound to be several that will fit your man just right. Here’s a look at four that stand out as ones worth checking out

11 Reasons Why Regular Men’s Crew Neck Cotton Dress Socks are the BEST.

These socks have a built-in padded heel and toe for extra cushioning, making them not only comfortable but less likely to cause unsightly bunions or other foot ailments. They are also breathable and moisture-wicking, so you can wear them with most shoes without worrying about annoying odors. Best of all, since these socks are designed for those who need dress socks on a regular basis, they are available in black or white and come in sizes from 10-13. You’ll never need to search high and low for basic men’s crew neck cotton dress socks again!

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You'll look forward to putting on your favourite outfit if it has 3 things: colours that make you feel great, fabrics that are comfortable, and features (not just a logo) that match your personality. That's why we made Philosockphy - because with our socks subscription boxes, you'll never have an outfit again where you're wearing sock from a box that makes you cringe at how bad they look or feel! Here's 6 reasons why.

6 Reasons Why You'll Look Forward To Putting On Your Favourite Outfit If It Has These 3 Things In It... (and one of them isn't socks!)

A great pair of socks is always welcome, but did you know that wearing just one element from a trio of elements will bring about great satisfaction? How so? These three things play a huge role in making your favourite outfit feel different than usual. Here are six reasons why you’ll look forward to putting on that piece of clothing that contains these three elements... and one of them isn't socks! Sometimes, it’s all about getting away from what’s normal - especially when it comes to fashion. If you think that getting dressed up shouldn't have any rules or expectations associated with it, think again!

5 Easy Ways They'll Know You Care About Them If You Get Them These 3 Things (and two of them aren't socks!)

Once a month, you have a new package in your mailbox. Once a month, your significant other is happily waiting for their new pair of socks from you. They’re brand-new and smell like fresh cotton candy. But you know what else smells fresh? Their feet when they take off their freshly laundered socks and lay them over top of their freshly laundered sheets. It’s bliss, really! That's why we love Philosockphy sock of the month club... it gives us an opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care with beautiful socks every month. You can choose three pairs or six pairs at once, but we recommend starting with just one pair first before moving on to some of these great options.