The Best Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

The Best Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

When was the last time you bought new socks? If it’s been longer than you’d like to admit, then sock subscriptions are worth looking into! Because let’s face it, socks can get expensive and many don’t even last more than one wear (or wash). But with a subscription that sends you new socks on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, you never have to worry about keeping your feet happy again!

What are the best sock subscriptions?

Going sockless might be a trend, but it’s one you should definitely avoid. Socks are there for a reason—to protect your feet from germs and bacteria that can cause foot odor and infections. For example, Athlete’s foot is caused by fungi that grows on sweaty, dirty feet (eww). And since socks have been proven to help keep your feet clean, we suggest getting yourself a sock subscription so you always have fresh pairs around. Here are some of our favorites

Why do I need a sock subscription?

Ah, socks. They’re an object that we use every day, but don’t think about much—until you run out! You probably have a few pairs floating around in your laundry basket or sock drawer, but do they all match? Are any of them outdated? Are you actually wearing any of them at all? If so, it’s time for a reboot. I’m not saying that you need more than four pairs of shoes (unless you want more than four) or 24 shirts (because then you'd just be insane). But if your wardrobe consists entirely of items that can go together in multiple combinations—with each combination looking just as good as another—you don't need more clothes. You need less.

Most comfortable and durable socks

Whether you like to wear your favorite dress socks everyday or are looking for a quick gift for your boss, sock subscriptions are a great way to spice up your feet. Try one of these options: Barefoot Dreams (starting at $29/month) gives you access to comfortable, machine-washable wool socks that fit women’s shoe sizes 5-10. You can select from three types of tiers depending on how many pairs you want per month—the Originals tier gives you one pair each month, Deluxe delivers two pairs monthly and Exclusive is three pairs monthly.

Socks for every day of the week

It's common sense that wearing socks to bed isn't a good idea, but it's easy to forget what might happen if you don't wear socks every day. Even worse than sweaty feet is wearing open-toed shoes when your feet aren't covered by socks. Not only do open-toed shoes often rub directly against your skin, but germs can easily enter through your nail beds or between your toes. It's also not a good idea to wear sandals without any kind of covering on your feet—even low-cut sandals that protect most of your foot still leave some room for debris and microbes.

Funky, pretty and unusual socks

Before you sign up for a sock subscription, consider what kind of socks you want—and be honest with yourself. If you want bright, funky socks but always settle for boring ones because they match your outfit, then a quirky sock subscription is probably right for you. However, if ugly shoes are more your style (you know who you are!), then cute socks might not float your boat and you might end up throwing them away or hiding them at the back of your sock drawer! Although there aren’t any rules when it comes to choosing a pair of socks, make sure that whatever you choose, it matches your philosophy! Good luck on finding an appropriate pair!

Tips for using your sock subscription

Although you'll need to wait a few weeks for your first shipment, there are a few ways you can use your new socks sensibly while you're waiting. When they're dirty: You know what happens when you keep wearing your favorite pair of socks? They get stinky. Wash them regularly so that doesn't happen and find out how often is too often by checking out The 7 Worst Things That Happen When You Wear One Pair of Socks for a Week Straight. In place of an undershirt: If it's cold enough to wear long johns but not quite cold enough for tights, an alternative way to keep your torso warm is wearing (you guessed it) another pair of socks as an undershirt!