The Best Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Fashionable

The Best sock subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Fashionable

With all the crazy socks on the market, how do you keep your sock drawer organized without losing your socks? These five unique sock subscription boxes can help with that and more. Each box has its own theme and includes both socks and other fun items to keep your feet stylish, organized, and maybe even pampered if you’re lucky! Plus, with three different levels of service, there’s something for everyone’s budget and lifestyle. Check out this great list of sock subscriptions to find the one that works best for you!


The Nordstrom Men's Shop SmartCare Dress Socks

Nordstrom's Men's SmartCare Dress Socks are a great pair of socks for any occasion. They are made with a stretchy cotton blend so they can easily be worn with dress pants, jeans, or shorts. They come in seven fun colors: navy, light blue, green, red, pink, purple and black. The socks come in two pack sizes: 3 pairs for $30 or 10 pairs for $80. Nordstrom's has the perfect gift sock for every man in your life!
Nordstrom Men's Shop SmartCare Dress Socks are stretchy cotton socks that come in seven different colors and two sizes (3-pair or 10-pair). These are the perfect gift socks for any guy you know!


bombas ankle socks

Bombas are the best socks for men because they have a thick, cushioned heel and toe that offer extra protection. Bombas are also a great option because they come in lots of colors and patterns, which means you can find an ankle sock that suits your personal style. Bombas also offer discounts for veterans and first responders! Click here to get 15% off your order.


Pair of Thieves Super Soft Crew Socks

Lucky for you, there are more than a few sock subscriptions out there. To help you find the best sock subscription possible, we've rounded up the best crew socks, ankle socks and crazy color dress socks that have been making waves in the industry. No matter what your style is or who it's for, these five unique ways to fold your socks will make for a happy recipient.


Uniqlo Men AIRism Dress Socks

Uniqlo's Men AIRism Dress Socks are a great option for the man who prefers comfy, casual style. These dress socks are made of a soft, lightweight polyester fabric that is stretchy and breathable. They offer many different colors and styles so you can find the perfect pair for any occasion. The best part? All Uniqlo socks come in small packages that take up minimal space in your suitcase.


Richer Poorer Crew Socks

Richer Poorer is a company that specializes in socks. They have a sock of the month club and their socks are colorful and fun for men. The socks come in many different colors and styles and there's sure to be something for everyone. I also love how they're made from super soft cotton. Richer Poorer crew socks are my favorite because they're so comfortable!