The Best Sock Subscriptions to Join in 2020 - And Why You Should!

The Best Sock Subscriptions to Join in 2020 - And Why You Should!

How many socks do you have in your sock drawer? And how many of those are the same type of socks? If you’re like most people, the answer to both of these questions is probably one pair. This isn’t necessarily bad – wearing the same socks every day can be comfortable and it saves you from having to pick out which pair you want to wear that day, but variety can be nice, too!

The best subscription boxes for men

Before we dive into these subscription boxes, let’s first talk about what a subscription box is and why they're so cool. A subscription box is a delivery of goods or services that occurs at regular intervals with no further effort needed from you (the customer). When you sign up for an item that requires a recurring payment, it's like renting — except instead of paying one lump sum, you pay small amounts over time until all your payments are complete. This model has existed for ages, but most people associate it with book subscriptions. Here's where they got started: In 1997 Oprah launched her book club 2.0 using on-line technology which sent books to thousands of customers who ordered books on-line and had them delivered free.

The best subscription boxes for women

If you’re looking for a sock subscription, it can be hard to figure out which ones are best. I tested three of them and made a list of pros and cons for each one. At first, when I joined Philosocks and saw how much customization was available, I thought it was great—then as I went deeper into my membership with them, there were also drawbacks that became pretty clear to me. At some point, you realize that no matter what subscription service you go with; if you’re going for socks or underwear or t-shirts—there are always going to be pros and cons. What's interesting is how different each service is despite being in a similar category... So here's my comparison review

My favorite sock subscriptions of all time

Leatherock, Stance, Greats. The first two are more affordable at $9/month while Greats is pricier at $20/month but their socks are higher quality (and so stylish). Leatherock gives you a discount if you purchase multi-months of subscription and also sends you a sock cleaner ($14 value) which makes it ideal for those who wear their socks every day. Stance sends you one pair of fun printed socks per month, which makes them perfect for people who want cute accessory items. Finally, Greats pairs different patterns with clean design that make your feet happy. I’ve personally tried all three and highly recommend all three.