The Best Sock Subscriptions for True Sock Lovers

The Best sock subscriptions for True Sock Lovers

News flash: socks are the ultimate humble accessory. Maybe it’s because we wear them all the time, but unlike other clothes, socks have been largely ignored by the fashion industry – until now, that is. This revolution in sock fashion has come with an explosion of companies launching subscription boxes filled with pairs of curated socks and we’re here to walk you through the best sock subscriptions you can sign up for right now. Whether you’re a true sock lover or just want to stay on top of fashion trends, there’s a subscription service out there just right for you!


Top Overall (6 pairs)

Every man needs good socks, but some need more than others. If you are a sock fanatic, then one of the following sock subscriptions is perfect for you! The first sock subscription service we would like to highlight is the Mends Club. This company offers six pairs of men's dress socks from brands like Joe Boxer and New Balance. The next subscription service that we recommend is called Crazy Socks. They offer six pairs of colourful and fun socks from brands like Thorlos and Falke which are especially great if you are looking to buy socks as a gift! You can also get 6 pairs of ankle socks with this subscription service too!


2nd best overall (7 pairs)

We've got a lot of socks in this list. But these are the best ones we could find.
These socks come in various sizes, colors, and patterns to suit everyone's personal style.
If you're looking for colorful socks that will make people stare, then these are the socks you need.
While they don't offer a whole month's worth of socks, they do deliver two pairs at a time so that your sock game doesn't suffer while you wait around.
Every pair is just as good as the last pair they sent me; I'm totally hooked!
They also have some crazy color dress socks which are perfect if you want to spice up your work attire but still maintain professionalism.


Price vs. Quality - Under $15

For the man who wants to sport some funky colors, but isn't ready to commit to a full month-long sock subscription, these socks are perfect. They come in 3 different colors: red, green and blue - each in three different styles (ribbed, ribbed stripes and ribbed argyle). The socks are made of 80% cotton/18% polyester/2% spandex and have a reinforced heel & toe. These socks are only $8.00 a pair - which is great because they won't break the bank!