The Best Sock Subscriptions for the Ultimate Fashion Statement

The Best sock subscriptions for the Ultimate Fashion Statement

Socks don’t typically get the same glamor treatment as other fashion accessories, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as stylish! In fact, there are plenty of subscription boxes out there that will give you just the right socks to help you pull together your own unique fashion statement. So if you want to go beyond the basic solid or patterned pair and add some flair to your look, here are ten sock subscription boxes that are worth checking out!

Socks That Add Color

It's not always easy to find a company that offers a product or service that you are really passionate about. But if you're looking for socks, then this is your lucky day. There are so many different sock subscriptions out there and they all offer something unique. If you want to add color to your wardrobe, then this might be a subscription for you! Check out these awesome sock subscriptions that are perfect for adding some color to any outfit.


There are many benefits to wearing matching socks. One of these is that it creates a coordinated outfit, which can add flair and style. Matching socks also help draw attention away from your shoes when they're not quite as stylish or clean. They are also a great conversation starter! The best sock subscriptions help you save money on fashion trends, by giving you new pairs each month without breaking the bank. This is one way to stay ahead of trends and still have something to wear every day. What's better than getting colorful, fresh patterns in your mail box each month? It feels good to get mail and see what surprises await inside!


Everyone knows you can’t make a fashion statement without matching your socks with your tie. It’s just not done. But finding that perfect match isn’t always easy, and it can be expensive buying new ties to match your favorite pair of socks over and over again. So we found 10 of the best sock subscriptions for you so you can have fresh pairs of colorful socks delivered to your door each month!


Socks can be a great way of adding some color to your outfit, but they are also functional. They provide warmth and comfort during cold weather, and they absorb moisture from our shoes which prevents blistering. They come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors and you can buy them by the pair or by the dozen. If you love socks but want to try something different than just buying them at your local department store, there are plenty of subscription services that will send you a new pair every month!


With winter well on its way, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your feet warm. For some people that means investing in a quality pair of boots and some slippers. But what about those who want to do more than just get by? What if you want to stay stylish, even when you’re keeping your toesies warm? Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of five sock subscriptions that will send you colourful socks straight to your door every month. It might be time to make room in your wardrobe for more than just one favourite pair of socks.

Stripes with a Twist

Started by two brothers in Montreal, Canada, Stripes with a Twist is a monthly sock subscription service that delivers new pairs of socks to your door every month. Their mission is to provide stylish, quality socks from around the world at an affordable price. Whether you're looking for bright colors or some subtle patterns, Stripes with a Twist has something for everyone!


As a person who lives in cold, snowy and rainy Canada, I am always looking for ways to add more colour to my wardrobe. A lot of people will say that wearing colourful socks is too much, but I disagree. The great thing about socks is that they are a very subtle way to add some extra flair to an otherwise plain outfit. Plus, there are now many different options when it comes to men's colourful socks. From brightly coloured striped or argyle patterns, to solid colours like yellow or purple - there is something out there for everyone.

There are many different sock subscriptions available today so it's easy to get lost in all the choices! Here are some of my favourites

Style With a Patterned Shirt or Jacket

My dad always says that you should never wear brown shoes with a black belt. He doesn't have anything against it, he just thinks it's too boring. And I tend to agree with him on that one. But there's one thing we both don't agree on: what color socks to wear! I love wearing different colors and patterns with different shoes because it adds a little extra pizzazz to my outfit while still keeping things cohesive. The great thing about fashion is that there are so many rules to break, and socks are no exception! With so many colors, patterns and textures available nowadays, you can get away with almost anything when it comes to matching your socks with your shoes or clothes!

Bright Color Blocking

It's no secret that socks are a great way to express yourself. With so many designs and styles out there, it's easy to find some that truly represent your personality. That's why we love colorful socks! Bright color blocking is a fun and fashionable way to get your feet looking bright. Plus, with our matching sock subscriptions, you'll never have to worry about mismatched pairs again!

We've compiled a list of 10 awesome matching sock and tie combinations that are sure to make your feet stand out from the crowd

Contrasting Ties

One of the most important accessories in any man's wardrobe is a tie, but not all ties are created equally. Contrary to popular belief, you can't just wear any old tie with any old outfit and expect to look good. The only way to guarantee a solid outfit that looks well put together and puts your best foot forward is to pick out a tie that compliments your suit/shirt combo. This means making sure that your tie has colors in it that match up with your suit/shirt color scheme. That way, when people see you from afar (you know, like if you're at an office meeting or something), they'll be able to tell what colors make up your ensemble without even having to get closer than 10 feet away from you.