The Best Sock Subscriptions for the Trendy Man

The Best Sock Subscriptions for the Trendy Man

If you’re the kind of guy who wants to stay on top of trends and remain in style, then you’re probably always on the lookout for new sock designs. And with so many different design options, it can be hard to know where to start! Fortunately, there are plenty of companies out there that will do the hard work of choosing which socks to send you each month based on your preferences. Here are some great places to find these sock subscriptions to suit any man's taste!

Socks That Go with Shorts

Wearing socks with shorts is a little bit counterintuitive—you wouldn’t wear socks to work, right? But if you can get over that mental hurdle and really open your mind to what’s possible in menswear, you’ll find that matching up your wardrobe actually gives off a very polished look. The key here is to match socks and shoes of similar hues. It should be relatively easy since most guys don’t stray too far from neutrals and maybe their school colors when putting together their ensembles. The trick with matching socks and shorts is in proportion; think about how short your shorts are.

Funky Socks for Casual Shoes

A lot of men like to have a pair of casual shoes, like boat shoes or boat mocs, loafers, or desert boots. But these are perfect for wearing with jeans and chinos—no socks! If you work in an office and wear dress pants on a regular basis, however, you probably want something a little more formal (without being stodgy). Enter funky socks. You can wear fun patterns and colors with oxfords and bluchers when they're paired with some colorful fun socks. Even if your dress code doesn't explicitly prohibit it, some might look at your flashier options as something inappropriate to wear at work. Make sure you know what's expected before selecting bolder patterns; err on the side of subtlety when in doubt.

Black Socks For Dress Shoes

It's important to match your socks to your pants and shoes, but it's not always easy. For example, black dress shoes go with a lot of different socks--and so do other colors and patterns. So how can you choose a sock subscription that will suit your sense of style? There are lots of factors you should consider, from price and frequency of shipment to how many pairs you get at once. However, in all cases it's good to stick with classic patterns--and avoid faddish ones. The last thing you want is next season's socks showing up in your mailbox now!

Stripe Patterns That Pop

Contrasting or complementary color schemes work best when you’re wearing bold and neutral socks. Most men do just fine pairing gray or navy dress socks with a crisp white shirt and black shoes. But if you want to take it to another level, consider some of these popular stripe patterns that look great when paired with jeans, chinos or casual trousers. Stripes are back in style, so why not stand out from all those boring solid-color socks? While you’re at it, be sure to add texture by combining your patterned socks with a textured tie. Pattern on pattern—and you’ll achieve a look that is sure to impress your boss!

Paisley Patterns that Pair Well

Paisley patterns are in, so if you're looking to make a splash at your next event, consider incorporating these colorful patterns into your tie and sock choices. One way to choose colors is by picking colors from a color wheel. If you start with primary colors—red, blue and yellow—you'll be able to pair colors that complement each other well; i.e., match your tie with socks that aren't close in color but still harmonize with it. When using complementary colors, such as reds and greens or blues and oranges, be sure to experiment with different shades before finalizing your decision. The more varied your hues are, the more elegant you'll look; color schemes vary greatly between types of outfits as well as individuals.

Animal Prints to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Combining patterns is a great way to come up with combinations that make your suit stand out in a crowd. The art of matching socks and ties into a theme is referred to as Philosockphy (if you ever get stumped on pairing patterns, remember that!). For example, checkerboard prints are often used to create business suits when paired with solid ties or shirts. Adding white-and-black striped socks to brighten up an otherwise conservative look makes for some solid matching philosophy. If you're looking for awesome ways to mix and match some interesting sock combos, try these out

Checkerboard Prints

Philosockphy’s sock subscription service delivers unique and colorful socks every month. It includes five pairs of hand-selected styles (two fun and one classic), ranging from printed to striped to polka dot, meaning you’ll always have a great assortment of socks to choose from.

Leopard Prints on Blue Jeans

It’s important to stand out from what everyone else is wearing. You know, don’t blend in. We're all unique snowflakes, and it's important to let others know that you recognize that. I'm not saying everyone should dress like a clown or anything like that... but I do have some good news! There's a website called Philosockphy that ships new socks straight to your door every month. The coolest part? These are high-quality socks (made in Italy!), and they range from simple to camo, depending on your preferences! They also include some super sleek cufflinks made of stainless steel, with simple black leather bands. To top it off, these guys even throw in a tie clip or two so you can match your outfit down to the last detail. And here's another thing: if you sign up for their Diamond Club package, they'll throw in an extra pair of socks once per quarter (that's 3 times per year). Now who wouldn't want that?! Go check them out!

Stripes + Spots = Perfection

Whether you’re making a statement with wild colors or two simple colors, stripes and spots (sometimes called checks) are an awesome combination. As long as you wear each pattern in its dominant color, your style will come across clean and classy. Don’t be afraid to mix it up: Try a striped tie with a spotted shirt or even wear a spotted tie with striped socks. The possibilities are endless when combining stripes and spots.