The Best Sock Subscriptions for the Fashion-Forward Man


What socks say about men has long been hotly debated. There’s an old adage that wearing no socks at all is the hallmark of the confident man, while not wearing any color but black means you’re super-conservative and don’t care what other people think about your sartorial choices. But our friends at Socks of the Month believe there’s more to socks than meets the eye, and are here to tell you what your sock subscription says about you . . . according to socks.


Aka: ‘Are You a Nice Person?’

I’ve always been a pretty good judge of character. I’ve seen all sorts of people in my life, from those that are nice to those who are not so nice and everything in between. But it seems as though lately everyone is just so nice. It doesn’t really make sense to me why these people would want to be so nice but maybe they don’t know any better? Maybe they think they have something to gain by acting this way? Or maybe we’re just living in a society where no one wants to be a jerk anymore? That might be the case, but what if you actually are just genuinely a good person and you don’t know how or when to stop being so damn friendly?


Aka: ‘What Do I Work In?’

I have been a customer service rep for over 20 years and I have seen people panic when they don’t know what their career is. It is important to figure out what you do, so you can decide if it will be a good fit for your personality and lifestyle. If you want to find out, here are seven questions to ask yourself:
1) What do I like to do? This is an easy one – just think about things that sound fun or interesting! For example, if you love talking on the phone and helping people solve problems then customer service might be a great fit. If you like being creative or figuring out puzzles then graphic design might be right up your alley.


Aka: ‘Where Do I Stand On Sports?’

You can find socks in every color, pattern, and texture. However, not everyone has a place to put them all. If you're looking for more space or just more time to wear your crazy socks, there are plenty of monthly sock subscriptions out there that make it easy to keep up with what's new in the world of mens fashion


Aka: ‘What Do I Think Of Veganism?’

I've been vegan for nearly a year now, and I love it. The benefits to my health have been dramatic, and I'm also so grateful to know that no animals were harmed in my pursuit of food. Being vegan is not as hard as people think, and it's something that anyone can do if they want to. It's just a matter of planning your meals ahead of time and staying on top of things like cooking grains or beans (or buying pre-made versions) so that you can always have something ready to go in case you're hungry. There are lots of resources out there to help with this, too - some apps are even designed specifically with veganism in mind!