The Best Sock Subscriptions for Parents Who Want to Teach Their Kids About Fashion

The Best Sock Subscriptions for Parents Who Want to Teach Their Kids About Fashion

If you’re like most parents, then you know that there are some days when it feels like your kids can never have enough socks, while other days you feel like they could never need any more socks. Whatever the case may be, sock subscriptions are one of the best ways to ensure that your kids always have plenty of socks to wear! Here are some of the best sock subscriptions available right now, whether you want to teach your kids about fashion or simply ensure they always have some clean socks to wear!

How do sock subscriptions work?

If you’re wondering how sock subscriptions work, it’s pretty simple. One company, such as Bombas or Bare Necessities, sends a curated package of socks each month to your child. You can sign up for individual months or subscribe on a longer-term basis. The main benefit is that they’ll receive new socks as they grow out of them—and if you subscribe, each delivery will include two pairs of kid-size and two pairs of adult-size Bombas socks so Mom and Dad have their own pair. Once your little one has worn through his colorful new assortment (which usually takes about a year), you can ship them back to Bombas where they’ll get recycled into new products.

The benefits of sock subscriptions

Some parents love socks, but just don’t want to pay full price for them. Other parents want their kids to learn about fashion—and understand how important it is to wear nice clothes—but would rather give their child a subscription than take them shopping themselves. For both groups of people, sock subscriptions are great options. Depending on your child’s age and your budget, you can subscribe from a variety of different companies. Some boxes will have a seasonal theme, like Halloween or Christmas, while others will include a range of colors and styles that rotate every month. At most companies, you can also decide whether you would like your socks delivered monthly or in bulk at once, meaning you won’t run out and have to keep buying more over time.

How Much Should You Spend on a Sock Subscription?

The sock industry is big business, which means a lot of brands have set up subscription services. Here are two pricing strategies I’ve seen: on-demand (pay per pair) and monthly auto-delivery (pay once, get a new pair every month). Most parents would agree that both options are great, but you might want to consider your sock-wearing habits before investing in either. If you wear two pairs of socks per day (one while you walk around and one while you sleep), then on-demand is probably enough. But if you wear more than two pairs of socks each day, it might be worthwhile investing in a monthly auto-delivery service.

What Kinds of Socks Can you Expect From a Sock Subscription?

Most subscription boxes promise a wide variety of socks with different designs. But when it comes to kids’ socks, you can expect fewer colors and more simplicity. This makes sense when you consider that kids grow quickly and their feet change shape every few months; spending too much on cute design-y socks that will likely be outgrown before long doesn’t make sense. With that in mind, some of our favorite sock subscriptions don’t have a lot of color, but they do have vibrant patterns and whimsical drawings—like Bobo Choses Funtime or October!

What if my kid doesn't like what we get in our subscription?

When you sign up, you'll be asked how old your child is. If you choose a subscription that's intended for your child's age, there's a very good chance he or she will like it—but if not, don't fret! Many sock-of-the-month companies allow customers to skip months. A few even let you use credits from unopened boxes on other socks in their store. As long as you're a member of a company that allows returns or exchanges, your kid might end up being very happy with his or her new socks regardless of their fashion level!

Where Can I Find the Best Deals on Sock Subscriptions?

When it comes to sock subscriptions, your best bet is always going to be Amazon. There are plenty of different sock subscription services that offer great discounts on their monthly packages, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, these deals get even better. For example, there’s SockItToMe – a monthly subscription service that offers tons of colorful socks – where Prime members can get two pairs shipped at a time for just $8 with no membership fee. If you’re looking for something fun and unique every month, try I Woke Up Today or My Monthly Mystery Boxes – both send you a mystery box each month with random things inside.

Why Are There so Many Different Shipping & Returns Policies?

It’s important to differentiate between two different situations: If a business is doing direct-to-consumer shipments—i.e., it doesn’t use a fulfillment center but ships from its own warehouse or location—it can charge you any way it wants. That said, if they have contracts with online retail marketplaces like Amazon, they may be bound by those platform’s policies. For example, Amazon states that sellers cannot offer free shipping on items that cost more than $49 and must include tax in their listed prices; anything less violates Amazon policy and can lead to having your seller account shut down.

How Do I Know Which Sock Subscription Is Right For Me?

There are a lot of sock subscription options out there. If you’re looking to gift it, go with Happy Socks; if you want your kids (or yourself) to learn about fashion, try Style XS. But most importantly, be prepared for them all bec in u ooauadfotate ey