The Best Sock Subscriptions for Parents Who Want to Keep Their Kids' Feet Warm

The Best Sock Subscriptions for Parents Who Want to Keep Their Kids' Feet Warm

If you’re the parent of young children, you already know that keeping their toes nice and toasty can be quite a challenge. One moment, your kids’ feet are warm and comfortable, but the next moment you look down and notice that their toes are as cold as ice cubes! Well, fear not! As experienced parents ourselves, we’ve tested some of the best sock subscriptions on the market today and discovered that there are plenty of sock subscription boxes out there that will keep your kids’ toes warm for months at a time—and save you tons of money in the process!

What is a sock subscription?
Sock subscriptions offer a convenient way to ensure your kids never have cold feet again. All you have to do is decide which subscription works best for your family's needs and then check off each month that you want new socks delivered straight to your door. When deciding which subscription is right for you, consider what kind of sock material you prefer, whether you'd like specific styles or colors and how often you think your kids will outgrow their current size. If none of these questions are clear in your mind, our team can help walk you through finding a subscription that works perfectly for your family's needs. Our Philosockphy hotline is ready and waiting! Just dial 800-THE-SOCKS and we'll be happy to discuss all of our options with you.

How To Choose a Sock Subscription For Your Child
1. Examine your values around sock re-use: Some parents want to keep their kids' feet warm and dry with new socks each month. Others, however, prefer a more economical approach that stretches across months and even years. With Philosockphy, you have a choice between customized sock boxes or stock boxes with all of your child's favorite styles and sizes, no matter how small or large they may be! 2. Decide what best fits your unique family situation: Are you just starting out with a baby? Still trying to potty train an older child? Does your kid move through new shoe sizes like water flows through straws? Is there any other way we can help? Our questions above should help you make a decision about what will work best for you! 3.

Do you know your child’s foot size?
You don’t need a tape measure, but it’s helpful to know your child’s foot size. If you already have a favorite brand of shoes or socks, take note of what size they are (write it down!) and check that number when signing up. That said, if you have a hard time finding shoes that fit your little one perfectly every time (like we do), then having multiple subscriptions might be helpful. For example, if one company sends a pair that is too small and another too big, returning them will likely be painless compared with spending half an hour in shoe stores just trying to find something remotely comfortable and age-appropriate.

What kind of socks should you get?
If you have kids, and they’re not yet old enough to buy their own socks, one of your biggest challenges is keeping their feet warm. A sock subscription service can be a great way to help keep your kids’ feet happy without spending hours trying on pair after pair in a store or sorting through stacks of mismatched socks you don’t want your kids wearing. This type of service makes it easy: The company picks out the socks and mails them directly to your house so that you never have to worry about buying another cute sock that doesn’t fit correctly or doesn’t keep your kid’s feet cozy. But with so many options out there, how do you know which service is right for you? Let us help!

The price of sock subscriptions
Sock subscriptions are a cheaper alternative to buying socks at retail price, which is why they're so great. With a subscription service, you get multiple pairs of quality socks delivered right to your door each month. In most cases, these services cost less than $15 per month and will give you peace of mind knowing that your kids have clean socks on their feet every single day. It's an easy way to keep their hygiene—and yours—in check!

How do I pick between all the different sock subscriptions?
There are a lot of different sock subscription services out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? There are several important factors to consider: price, frequency of delivery, and size range. Do you have a small child or infant that will need socks soon? If so, your best bet is likely an infant-sized sock subscription. When it comes to kids’ socks—smaller sizes are more common and cost less per pair.

Our #1 Pick - Send Me Socks!
Send Me Socks is a monthly sock subscription service that sends you two pairs of socks per month, at a cost of $9.99. This low price point means that even parents on a tight budget can afford it! The best part? There’s no hassle with sizing—Send Me Socks simply measures your child’s foot, then sends appropriate socks. Did we mention their products are super soft and affordable too?

Our #2 Pick - Little Hearts Club
Little Hearts Club is a subscription-based sock service that caters to children from newborns to size 7. The socks are all made from bamboo, cotton and spandex, and come in a dozen adorable colors. It also offers an unconditional guarantee, which means if your child doesn’t like or wear their socks within 30 days of receiving them, Little Hearts Club will replace them free of charge or refund you your money back. You can even give back by donating some of your leftover socks! With shipping starting at $2 per month, it’s one of our favorite sock subscriptions.

Our #3 Pick - Pupsik Studio
Our pick is Pupsik Studio, which offers a subscription box of clothes and accessories that you can mix and match with your kids’ clothes. The best part? If it doesn’t fit, you can exchange it—even if you simply don’t like something in your box! Pupsik Studio gives you a $25 credit towards future purchases just for signing up (which will come in handy if your child won’t stop growing). Plus, all first-time subscribers get 50% off their first month. Note: This one isn't an every-month box; instead, it's one that delivers four times per year. A note about sizing: Our tester found some items ran small, especially compared to other sites we've tested.

Our #4 Pick - SmuggiBox
What if you could pay someone else to do your laundry and shopping? The concept might sound strange, but it’s actually a pretty good way to save time and energy, not to mention a few bucks. SmuggiBox is an LA-based subscription service that delivers high-quality laundry detergent, dryer sheets, paper towels, snacks (and more!) right at your doorstep. It even has a pre-order option so you can sign up for what you want every week and then receive it on whatever day of your choosing. (Check out our review here.)