The Best Sock Subscriptions for Parents Who Value Their Sanity

Whether you’re a new parent or an old hand, one thing is certain—new babies come with a lot of stuff. And that stuff needs to be washed—a lot. That’s where sock subscriptions come in! For busy parents, sock subscriptions make laundry day easier and can help your feet breathe when you’re out and about running errands or chasing after the little one. They also make wonderful baby shower gifts! Here are some of our favorites to help you find the best sock subscription for parents like you.

Save Money

We subscribe to Philosockphy. With the best deals on socks, we don't have to worry about running out of socks anymore. Plus, they offer free shipping with every order and their customer service is unparalleled. We're never going back to buying socks at the store again!

Find Unique Gifts

Gift giving is a crucial part of life. It's the perfect way to show someone you care about them and can help foster relationships. However, some people struggle with finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. If you're one of those people, we have a unique idea! Philosockphy is an online sock subscription service that sends out new socks every month - and it's perfect for parents! Not only does it provide a great monthly surprise and allow kids to get something they'll love (every parent knows how hard it is to find clothes that fit just right), but it also helps build relationships between kids and parents by getting them talking about what they want from their feet.

Kids Get Excited About Receiving Something

Kids love getting mail. I know because my daughter is always asking me when her next package from Philosockphy will arrive. The thing is, children can be a little impatient when it comes to waiting for their packages. That's why Philosockphy has an option for parents to purchase a surprise package that arrives every three months and includes four pairs of socks instead of the usual six. We have loved these surprise packages because they're less intense than receiving a package each month that may or may not contain socks that are the right size or colors we want. Plus, the anticipation of waiting at least three months before opening another envelope has been well worth the extra wait in my opinion!

No More Procrastinating Shopping

If you're a parent, you know that there are plenty of things to do and not enough time in the day. This is where sock subscriptions come in handy. Instead of running out to the store every time your kids need new socks, have a subscription delivered to your door so you never have to think about it again! With our list of five great sock subscriptions for parents, we hope that you can find one that fits your needs.

No More Running Out of Socks

I get it. It's hard to keep your kids' shoes stocked with socks. Sometimes they run out before the next laundry load is done, or you just don't have time to go buy them at the store because you're on your way somewhere. There are a lot of things that can be overwhelming about parenting, but stocking up on socks shouldn't be one of them. I've found some great companies who send me new socks every month so I never have to worry about running out again. And best of all? They make it easy to get extra pairs in my favorite colors and patterns so I can spoil myself, too!

Less Stressful Christmas Shopping

It's hard to find the perfect gift for a loved one, and that's why we're here to help! Check out our list of the best sock subscriptions below.

#1. The Sock Box: For $12/month or $120/year, you'll get six pairs of socks delivered to your door each month. What's more, you can customize your subscription to receive all men's socks, women's socks, or unisex socks. #2. Happy Feet Club: For $15/month or $180/year, you'll get five pairs of fun and colorful socks delivered right to your door each month. With this subscription service on your side, Christmas shopping is going to be so much easier!