The Best Sock Subscriptions for Parents Who Hate Shopping for Socks

The Best Sock Subscriptions for Parents Who Hate Shopping for Socks

How often do you buy socks? If you’re like most people, the answer to that question is never. The average person owns 9 pairs of socks, but purchases just 1-2 pairs every year, if they purchase any at all. For anyone who has trouble matching up their socks when they take them out of the dryer, this doesn’t sound like an effective way to stock up on socks! Luckily, sock subscriptions can solve that problem once and for all. Here are some of the best sock subscriptions on the market today and how they can make your life easier in 2018 and beyond!

Why You Need a Sock Subscription

Despite parents' best efforts, kids are usually pretty hard on their socks. Between PE classes, soccer practice and dance recitals, most kids go through a pair or two each week. And who wants to spend half an hour in a crowded store—just trying to find matching socks? If you hate shopping for socks as much as we do (Philosophy teachers), it’s time to get a sock subscription! Here are some reasons why you might want to consider it.

Awesome Kid-Friendly Options

Kids and teens alike seem to outgrow their socks at an alarming rate. These days, though, you don’t have to wait until a pair of socks has holes in them before you replace them. The following are great sock subscription options for both kids and teens: Curated by John Ankerberg (yes, that's his real name), Philosockphy is all about great life advice from some of history's greatest thinkers. Every weekday he shares a new life lesson—reminding us what it means to be a good person while providing evidence that we're not alone in our struggles.

Gift Ideas

Let’s face it—buying gifts for people is both easy and hard. It’s easy to know what people want and need, but it’s hard to know how to make their lives a little better and let them know you care about them. Thankfully, there are services that can help you find exactly what your loved ones want or need without having to do any research on your own or brave crowds at brick-and-mortar stores. One of those services is called Philosockphy, which takes care of all your gifting needs by combining items from trusted brands with handpicked items from local artisans. The personalization aspects of Philosockphy allow you to express yourself while making sure each gift basket is well suited for its recipient.

Great Options For Adults

While most of us recognize that socks are a necessary part of day-to-day life, finding a pair that you love can be surprisingly difficult. Fortunately, there are several subscription services available that make finding great socks a breeze. Even better, many sock subscriptions include free shipping—meaning they’re perfect even if you prefer to shop online and don’t have time to stop at local stores on your way home from work. We know it can seem daunting, but here’s a list of some of our favorite sock subscriptions available today. Each entry provides an overview of what makes it special along with a link where you can subscribe yourself!

Why My Family Loves this Service

For busy parents, it can be difficult to remember to buy basic necessities like socks. Luckily, sock subscriptions make sure you always have clean socks on hand. Our favorite service is HidemEyes; they even offer a money-back guarantee if we're not completely satisfied! Plus, each pair of socks is machine washable and made with ultra-thin fibers that wick moisture away from your feet—perfect for active kids and adults alike. If you're looking to get in on a sock subscription yourself, here's why my family thinks HidemEyes is worth it

How To Choose A Good Sock Subscription Option

The most important thing to look at is quality. You want to find a service that you can count on to provide you with comfortable, attractive, and sturdy socks every time they ship a new batch. If you’re shopping from an online store and can’t see what you’re buying before your purchase, look carefully at their pictures and reviews. What kind of socks are other customers wearing? What do these photos reveal about how well made (or not) these items are? Are there common trends among positive or negative comments? Be especially mindful of what best-selling items are because popularity doesn’t necessarily mean better quality.