The Best Sock Subscriptions for Fun and Fashionable Feet

The Best Sock Subscriptions for Fun and Fashionable Feet

When you really stop to think about it, you probably have more socks than any other clothing item in your closet. It only makes sense to give those socks the chance to take on a little personality, right? sock of the month Clubs are the perfect way to add some fun and frivolity to your everyday life! Today, we’re going to run down the best sock subscriptions available so that you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle!

5 Reasons Why a Sock Subscription is a Great Gift

Most people think of socks as a necessary evil, not something to be excited about. And while I’ll agree that basic white tube socks are mostly used as foot warmers, they don’t have to be! While holiday shopping may be fraught with tension over what’s a good gift, ask yourself—is it really? Or are you just trying to give someone something because that’s what people do? One way to avoid those uncomfortable situations is by getting a sock subscription box like Philosockphy. With monthly sock boxes including 2 pairs of fashionable men's or women's socks per month, it's hard not to love. You can sign up now and they'll send you their new collection when it releases every 3 months!

5 Steps to Getting Started with Monthly Socks

Whether you wear socks daily or wear nothing but sandals, there’s a subscription service out there that will send you quality socks on a monthly basis. Whether you want funny and fashionable socks or are looking to impress your partner with some cutesy footwear, there’s a sock subscription service out there designed just for you. While some offer more fun than others, each one brings high-quality knitwear straight to your door every month – perfect if you can never seem to remember when it's time to buy new socks! If you want cute (or fun) new socks every month: CuteSocksClub is a monthly sock subscription club which offers three different options.

How to Choose a Good Subscription

There are a lot of sock subscription services on the market today. However, not all socks are created equal, so you'll want to do some research before purchasing. There are tons of different kinds of socks out there—ones that wick away moisture, ones that offer support for your feet, ones that help with recovery and so on. If you have a particular need in mind, make sure your subscription includes options to fit it!

10+ Reviews of Monthly Sock Subscriptions

When someone mentions subscription boxes, it's easy to think of those that focus on beauty items or home goods. But there are a lot of other types of boxes out there! So what about sock subscriptions? The trend is still new, but you can find monthly sock subscriptions filled with just about anything: patterns, sizes, materials—even socks from different countries! If you're not convinced yet, these 10+ reviews of sock subscription services will definitely change your mind.