The Best Sock Subscriptions for Finding Your Perfect Pair

The Best Sock Subscriptions for Finding Your Perfect Pair

Picking out socks can be stressful – you want something that’s comfortable, of good quality, and pretty. It can take time to find the right pair, which means that most people just stick with their old reliable ones or buy the cheapest option from the store. But what if you could have a different pair of socks delivered to your door every month? We’ve gathered up some of the best sock subscriptions out there to help you get your search for the perfect pair off to a good start!

How to choose between sock subscriptions

We’ve come a long way from plain old white socks. Today, there are an almost infinite number of choices when it comes to your morning-to-night pair (or pairs) of hosiery. With all these options, choosing a sock subscription can be a tough task. And if you’re going to trust anyone with your feet, it should be someone who really knows socks! In that spirit, here’s how to choose between two popular sock subscription services: Sock Panda and Bombas . Even if you’re not trying to pick between two companies, our guidelines will help you make an informed decision about whether sock subscriptions are right for you in general.

What type of socks are available?

There are a number of subscriptions out there for people who love colourful socks. Some are available monthly, and some allow you to choose from several colours at a time to ensure you get your perfect pair each month. There are even subscriptions that can deliver toe socks, so if you’re looking for something fun and funky these subscription services might be right up your alley. Many companies also donate proceeds from sock purchases to charities like Cancer Research. So not only will you find your perfect pair each month, but you’ll help others too!

Are there budget options?

If you’re on a tight budget, never fear. There are plenty of sock subscriptions out there that offer options starting at under $10 per month. One of our top picks is Stance’s Core Line which offers socks at three different price points starting as low as $9 per month. Another option is Bombas, an excellent brand with socks made out of high-quality materials like wool and alpaca wool. You can even sign up to donate a pair of socks to homeless shelters and school kids around America each time you get a new pair in your subscription box! This company has even started offering fair trade options too - definitely worth considering if you want to support local businesses in addition to your new sock collection!

What should you wear with your socks?

Once you find a sock subscription that matches your style, it’s time to figure out what you should wear with them. Most sock subscriptions offer different styles and patterns, so there are lots of options to choose from. You can combine socks with any shoes, but it’s best to be mindful of what other items you’re wearing so as not to clash. For example, if you wear a pair of bold socks with sneakers, try pairing them with casual pants or jeans in neutral colors. However, if you really want your socks to stand out but don’t have much choice in terms of attire, try matching them with some form-fitting clothes like leggings or short skirts.

Do you prefer athletic socks or casual socks?

The first thing you need to figure out is how often you need new socks. Are you looking for new, casual socks to wear at home? If so, a monthly sock subscription may be perfect. But if you’re active or work in an environment that requires steel-toed boots or safety shoes, you might need a little more frequent replenishment. Make sure to consider your needs before choosing a subscription plan.

How often do you need new socks?

If you're in a situation where you're always wearing socks (like if you work in an office), then a monthly sock subscription could be your best bet. These services generally send out a batch of 3-5 new pairs every month, which means you'll have at least one new pair to wear every week. And if there's ever a pair that doesn't quite work out, companies will often give members the option to exchange their items. If you don't mind wearing one type of sock during your working week and another on weekends or special occasions, opting for a quarterly or bi-annual subscription might be right up your alley! Either way, its time to stop buying socks at random and start finding your perfect match!