The Best Sock Subscriptions For Every Type of Sock Lover

The Best Sock Subscriptions For Every Type of Sock Lover

You’re going to love this article, because it’s all about socks! We’ll go over the best sock subscriptions that are out there, tell you how they work, and what to expect if you want to start your own sock subscription business. Let’s get started!

A) Women's

Stance is a popular brand among female sock lovers thanks to its creative patterns and bold colors. The brands fun aesthetic makes it easy to find fun socks that pair perfectly with your favorite outfit, whether you're dressing up or dressing down. If you want socks that will match any type of shoe, Stance is a great place to start. Stance is also known for its commitment to donating 10% of profits to charity, so if you're looking for an ethically-conscious sock subscription, Stance is a good choice. Click here to try out their subscriptions today!

B) Men's

Just for Men, $12-$15 a month. This sock subscription service promises to keep your feet warm, stylish and comfortable all year round. And with a good selection of colors, patterns and fabrics at an affordable price point each month you can’t go wrong with these socks! Just for Men also donates socks to local charities as part of their business model—how cute is that? These are great socks for men on-the-go who need some fresh colors in their life. They’re one size fits most (men's sizes 6-13) so they won’t slide down your heel like some other socks and they have reinforced toes to help them last longer than your average sock.

C) Kids'

Even if your kids aren’t old enough to wear adult socks, you can still find a good deal on them by shopping for kids' socks. The best part about shopping for kids' socks is that they come in so many colors and designs! Kids love to match their socks with their outfits, and most kid subscription boxes contain at least one pair of dressy or colorful socks. Look for those options when signing up, if your child isn't into all-pink cotton or multi-colored stripes. And don't worry—kid's box subscriptions are not one size fits all, meaning you can fine-tune your search to fit all sizes!

D) Unisex

When it comes to socks, men and women have very different wants and needs. From sock-tightening features to arch support and blister-protection, unisex socks are designed with both genders in mind. Check out our list of favorites below, but no matter which you choose there’s one thing they all have in common: fun colors!

E) Funny and Unusual

If you want your socks to be a conversation starter, go with FunSox. It only costs $10 for one pair of handpicked socks (customized for your taste) or $20 for two pairs. They come in so many different colors and designs it’s hard to choose just one. I have been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable these socks are, and they’re great if you need some funny socks to lift your spirits after a long day.

F) Lifestyle

Novelty is where it’s at for sock lovers. If you want to feel like a kid again, these are for you. And if wearing mismatched socks didn’t make you unpopular in high school, then all those fun colors will likely get a laugh out of your workmates now that you’re an adult. When it comes to what kind of socks you should buy, novelty probably won’t take center stage in your style game. Instead, there are plenty of great designs that don’t scream Look at me! I'm here! and serve as more subtle ways to give yourself or others a little pop-culture pick-me-up on the daily.

G) Novelty

Does your sock drawer get lonely? If so, make it more interesting with these unique socks. While some people might roll their eyes at novelty socks, every sock lover needs a little fun in their life. Novelty socks can be worn on special occasions or just to keep things interesting when you're wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers. The right ones can even spice up those outfit-du-jour combos you wear all too often. Why not buy two subscriptions instead of one? Send one to your friend or family member; they'll thank you later!

H) Outdoor socks

If you’re an active kind of person, or have a relative that loves to do outdoor activities, socks with grip and traction are going to be important. This will also help reduce foot slip, which can lead to slipping in other areas as well. Socks with ventilation and moisture control will also be key if you’re outside a lot. Foot health is super important and you should take steps to ensure it stays in good shape by using quality materials like cotton socks with built-in anti-microbial technology. The best sock subscription for avid outdoors enthusiasts will often come from well-known brands like Darn Tough or Smartwool.