The Best Sock Subscription for Funky, Fashionable Feet

The Best sock subscription for Funky, Fashionable Feet

With all of the options available, it can be difficult to know which sock subscription is right for you. But with socks from our sock of the month club, you won’t have to worry about that. We have monthly sock subscriptions that are perfect for both casual and dressy occasions, so no matter what your life looks like or where your day takes you, our funky, fashionable socks will keep your feet feeling awesome. Click here to join our sock of the month club today!


Why get a sock subscription?

A sock subscription is the perfect gift. It's easy to give, and not just because it comes in a box. You can choose from a variety of styles to match their personality or needs. Plus you can send them monthly gifts every month or just when they're due for new socks! With something as simple as an email notification that their new socks are on the way, you'll be able to make sure they never have to worry about running out of pairs again.
Plus, who doesn't love cool socks? And we have all the best selection of men's colored socks. We have cool mens socks with crazy color dress socks and colorful ankle socks too! And the best part? Our subscription lets you switch up your style every month so your feet never get bored!


Our Story

We started Philosockphy because we couldn't find a sock subscription that offered stylish and funky socks. After looking in every store and online retailer we could think of, we came up with an idea to create a sock subscription service ourselves. Our sock club offers different colors and designs each month and is sure to delight your feet. We have been getting great feedback from our customers who get compliments on their shoes all the time! With Philosockphy you will never have boring or plain looking feet again!


How do I choose my socks?

When you're looking for a sock subscription service, it can be hard to choose which one is the best. Each company offers something different and there are tons of options out there. Is the budget your concern? You don't want to spend a lot of money on socks when you could just go to Walmart and buy some socks. If this is your main concern, we recommend going with Philosockphy's sock club. It's affordable and they offer a variety of styles and colors that are perfect for any man in your life.


Design your own kit or let us select them for you

HEROES WEAR Philosockphy SOCKS from our sock of the month club
We know what your thinking Socks? Really? But here's the thing: socks are one of those things that you kind of forget about until they're not there. There are a million crazy ways to spend your money on items you don't need and your feet are just as important. So why not give yourself an awesome gift this year? The best sock subscription is worth it. For the month of January we have some funky, fashionable purple ankle socks and mens colorful socks with a cool design. We also have some fun men's ankle socks that look great with sneakers or even dress shoes!


Shipping Schedule & Pricing

A Philosocks gift of socks is a great option if you're looking for a little something extra to show someone how much they mean to you. Our sock of the month club starts at $10/month and includes free shipping on every order. We offer six different monthly subscriptions with different themes: Classic (no theme), Cute & Quirky, Funky & Fashionable, High-Functional (prefers no-show socks), Great Outdoorsy Adventurer (wool and other heavy socks) or Sweet & Classy. Get started today by clicking the subscribe button below!


Care Instructions

Philosocks are made to be fun, funky and fashionable. With a wide variety of colors and styles, they bring a little excitement to your feet and wardrobe. However, being made with high quality materials means that you need to take care of them properly. To keep your Philosocks looking as cool as the day they were delivered: wash on cold water with mild detergent; tumble dry low or line dry only; do not bleach or use fabric softener; do not iron.


Shipping Options & Tracking #s

We ship our socks anywhere in the world so you can be rest assured that your best sock of the month club will come to you. All orders are securely packaged with tracking numbers and a signature is required upon delivery.


About Our Company

We are a sock of the month club that curates socks from around the world and delivers them to you each month. We have a huge selection of funky and fashionable styles in our sock shop. We carry a variety of dress socks, crew socks, fun dress socks, crazy hot socks and more. Our customers love our monthly sock subscription service because they get new socks delivered right to their door every single month with no hassle or shopping involved. They can also buy one pair at a time if they want to try out just one style before committing to the whole 12 pairs! Shipping is always free on all orders too which is awesome!