The Best Sock Subscription Boxes for Your Footwear Obsession


Who knew socks could be so much fun? sock subscription boxes take the boring everyday socks and make them into unique pieces of footwear that you’ll be excited to wear every day. Here’s a guide to the best sock subscription boxes on the market, plus details about how to start your own sock of the month club!


Top 10 Men’s Sock Clubs

Are you looking to spice up your sock game? Here are the top 10 best men's sock clubs.
#10: The crazy socks Club - This monthly subscription club offers a variety of colorful and funky socks, including dress socks. The company is based out of Baltimore, Maryland and they offer free shipping on orders over $30.
#9: Purple Q - This subscription service focuses on luxury fun socks for men with an emphasis on style, comfort and design. They provide free shipping on orders over $25 in the US or Canada. #8: Mama Bear Knits - Mama Bear Knits is a family-owned business that hand-makes quality knitted accessories like these fantastic knitters!


What to Expect from Monthly Men’s & Women's Socks

If you love fun, colorful socks to put a smile on your face, then sign up to one of our monthly sock subscription boxes. We'll send you new pairs of the hottest trends in men's and women's socks each month. With so many different styles to choose from, there is something for everyone!


How Often Should I Wear New Socks?

It's probably best to wear new socks every day, or at least once a week. But if you're looking to save money and only buy new socks when they get old and worn out, it's recommended that you replace them after six months. The frequency of wearing your ankle socks also depends on the activity level of the wearer; if you are more active, it is better to replace them after three months.


Best Brands, Materials and Features of Monthly Socks Subscriptions

If you're looking to spice up your sock collection, the best sock of the month clubs can help you get exactly what you want. They offer a variety of materials, brands and styles so that every man can find something he'll love. Here are a few of our favorites:
-Men's Purple ankle socks: if you're looking for something bold and fun, this is the monthly socks subscription club for you! With over 50% off retail prices, their selection changes monthly so that you never have to worry about getting bored.
-Mens Colored ankle socks: if bright colors aren't really your thing but a great deal on socks is still totally worth it to you, these funky colored ankle socks are perfect.