The Best Sock Subscription Boxes for the Perfect Sock of the Month


Your feet are the hardest working part of your body, and because of it, they’re prone to lots of problems like athlete’s foot, blisters, bunions, and more. To keep them looking and feeling their best, you should be sure to care for them properly. If you wear socks every day like most people do, you should consider getting a sock subscription box to get some new socks in your life on the regular. Here are some of our favorite sock subscription boxes that help you care for your feet properly.


How Are Some Good Brands

Socks are often overlooked when it comes to clothing. However, they should not be! There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable or smelly socks all day. Luckily, there are some great brands out there that can help you find the perfect pair. Here are a few favorites:


The Quality Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Socks

One thing that you may have noticed is that men’s socks are usually more expensive than women’s socks. This is mostly because, when it comes to men’s fashion, most people are willing to spend a little more on quality. However, there are also some differences between men’s and women's sock construction that make them different from each other.
Men's socks can be divided into two categories: dress and casual. Dress socks will be made out of wool, so they're very durable and provide good insulation in cold weather. Casual socks are made out of cotton or synthetic materials like acrylic or nylon and they often have extra cushioning in key areas like the heel and ball of the foot.


Polyester vs. Cotton

Cotton socks can be found in just about every store and are a great material to work with. They are comfortable, inexpensive, and come in many different colors. The downside is that they can get stretched out easily. Polyester socks are more durable and will last longer than cotton socks. Polyesters also come in fun colors that cotton doesn't offer. The downside is that they don't feel as soft as cotton, which may not be preferred by some people. Plus, polyesters may not be breathable enough to wear all day if you have really sweaty feet or live somewhere really hot like Arizona or Florida. If you're looking for your first pair of sock subscription boxes, we recommend trying out Cotton On's ankle socks or their colorful crew sock box!


Do You Need Crew or Ankle Length?

If you're looking for a socks subscription, it's good to know the difference between crew and ankle length socks. Crew length socks typically go up to your calf while ankle socks usually reach just above your ankles. So if you're looking for something with a little more coverage (either because of style or function), you should consider ankle length socks. On the other hand, if you want something that will show off your shoes and suit pants, then crew length might be what you need.


Do You Want Patterned Socks or Solid Color/Patternless Socks?

If you want to show off your funky side, fun socks are perfect. There are plenty of fun patterns available and they'll brighten up any outfit. Plus, there's a huge variety in color options so you can be sure to find something that suits your personality. If you're looking for some more subtle patterned socks, there are plenty of solid color options available too. The best sock subscription is going to have a variety like this and make it easy to find just the right fit.


What Features Do You Want in Your Pair of Socks (Styles, Materials, Etc.)

I'm looking for a sock subscription box that will send me colorful socks in different styles and materials. I want to find a company that sends both ankle and crew socks as well as ones with patterns or just plain colors. I also want to be able to get gift socks so that I can give them to my friends.