The Best Sock Subscription Boxes for the Monthly Sock Addict

How many socks does one person need? No, seriously – how many socks? If you’re like us, the answer is well, obviously an infinite number of socks (no shame in our game). But if you have to stick to more of a budget, you might consider subscribing to one of these sock subscription services so that you can get brand new socks shipped directly to your door each month. Read on for more info on these great subscription boxes and whether they’re worth it or not! [INSERT LINKS TO EXISTING BLOG POST HERE]...

Why We Love Our Subscription Box

Every month we get a new pair of socks delivered to our doorstep - it's been an awesome way to add variety to our sock drawer. We love that there are so many different styles and colors. We can even tell what kind of season it is based on the design!

We also love that we always have cool socks right when we need them, whether that be in summer when we're wearing sandals or in winter with boots. If you know someone who loves socks like us, then this would make an awesome gift!

No more boring socks

There are many places you can buy socks these days, but the best place to get cool socks is through a subscription box. There are many different kinds of subscription boxes that offer socks, and they're all tailored to your preferences. Some even have monthly sock challenges with prizes for completing them! If you're looking for some fun sock swag, try one of these:

-sock of the month Club by Beau & Belle

-Sucks UK by Mail Order Socks

-Dirty Girl Designs

Funky Colors, Patterns, and Styles

It's summer time, which means it's time to break out your sandals and start wearing those cool socks you've been hoarding. You can never have enough of these colorful socks that are perfect for any occasion. There are so many subscription boxes on the market now that ship out monthly packages of socks to your door, but which ones should you choose? We picked our favorite ones so you can start stocking up on some new pairs of funky colors, patterns, and styles.

Premium Materials, Durability, and Comfort

Generally, there are two main types of sock materials: wool and cotton. Wool is warm but it can be itchy to wear all day if you don't like wearing wool socks. Cotton is comfortable and breathable but not as durable as wool. Cotton socks also tend to shrink in the wash if you are using a hot water cycle or drying them in a dryer. That being said, there are some cotton socks that have been treated with high-tech fibers that make them more durable than regular cotton ones. If you're looking for a good pair of stocking socks and need something that is going to last through lots of wear and tear, these may be your best bet.

Reputable Brands, Ethical Practices

Darn Tough socks are one of the few brands that offer a lifetime warranty. One pair of these socks will cost you around $25, but they are worth every penny. However, if you want an affordable option, this is not the brand to go with. Patagonia makes great socks as well and they are pretty durable! They also come in different lengths and thicknesses so there's something for everyone. The only downside is that these socks can be a little pricier than other brands ($18).