The Best Sock of the Month Clubs to Join in 2020


If you love to give unique and thoughtful gifts, a sock of the month club can be an excellent way to do so. Here’s our list of the best sock of the month clubs you can join in 2020 based on popularity and cost-effectiveness!


Cheap, Good Quality Options (starting at $11.99/month)

Socks are a great gift for anyone who likes them because it can be hard to pick out socks for others. Plus, there are a lot of sock subscription services that make it super easy to get someone socks every month without having to think about it!
There's these cool socks and colorful socks options too so you don't have to stick with just plain old boring black or white socks. Plus, some of these will include fun dress socks and crazy color dress socks so they're perfect if you want a more exciting option.


Higher-End Luxury Options ($25+/month)

Socks are a staple for both men and women. Every day, people wear socks - from high-tops to ankle socks and everything in between. This is why so many sock subscriptions exist: because people love them! Whether you're looking for colorful socks or ankle socks, there is a company out there that can satisfy your needs. One new sock subscription for men is Subsockzie. For $25/month, you get three pairs of premium men's dress socks delivered every month. These are not just any old pairs of dress socks though; they are made with 100% merino wool (which means they're soft and durable) so they'll last through many days' worth of wear!


Novelty Options (Under $10/month)

For a fun sock gift, try out a novelty subscription like Fun Socks. With this service, you can customize everything from style to color for each month's shipment, with new styles coming out every month. You'll get three pairs per month and can choose from mens ankle socks or colorful socks for men. Plus, you can add an extra pair of fun socks for just $5 per month!


Funny Gift Boxes ($8-$15+/month)

If you know someone who has a sock addiction and likes to wear fun socks, then a sock subscription box is an excellent idea. There are many options for both men and women. These companies provide bright, colorful and funny socks for their customers. They also offer great customer service and free exchanges if you’re not satisfied with your monthly selection.
Best sock subscription Options
Sock it Forward - $8-$15/month (Free Shipping) These socks come from all over the world! They have themed boxes which are based on geographic locations or seasons. Plus, there's free shipping! This company does so much good by donating some of its profits to charity. What more could you ask for?