The Best Sock of the Month Clubs for Your Feet

The Best sock of the month Clubs for Your Feet

The sock of the month club is one of the most popular subscriptions you can sign up for today. These sock subscriptions offer monthly packages of socks straight to your door, ensuring that you’ll always have a new pair waiting for you each month! This can be especially nice if you struggle to find the time to go out and shop for socks or if you just want to treat yourself to something special every month, like a present to yourself! Here are some of the best sock of the month clubs on the market today.

How can I get great socks every month?

If you’re not using socks subscriptions, you’re missing out. A sock subscription is a great way to get new and interesting styles of socks on a monthly basis without having to worry about buying them yourself. You can choose from a variety of sock-of-the-month clubs, each with its own focus and theme. Here are five great clubs we think every foot would love:

What makes Philosockphy different?

Philosockphy is a sock subscription service that was started with a simple question: Why don’t socks get sent to me on a monthly basis like every other box? The answer, quite simply, is because no one else had done it. Philosockphy turns something as seemingly boring as socks into something exciting and fun by sending your favorite pair of socks each month - guaranteed fresh and in-season! As far as we know, we’re really unique in that aspect. No one else sends out a fresh pair of socks each month, giving you an excuse to update your sock drawer every month. There is really no other company that focuses on delivering monthly pairs of high-quality socks.

Is Philosockphy really worth it?

If you’re wearing your socks in a pile next to your bed or tossing them into a corner drawer, they might be too cheap. With subscription services like Sock-of-the-Month and others, however, you can get fine fabrics sent right to your door. And with something as simple as an underwear subscription service (yes, really) now picking up steam, sock subscriptions are joining that growing trend. If you’re looking for simple ways to add luxury to your life without breaking the bank on more expensive things like watches or jewelry, consider a sock subscription. To help narrow down our selection of some awesome sock subscriptions we've rounded up five top picks from our research. Check out these reviews before deciding which monthly sock club is best for you!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your subscription. If, at any time, you’re not happy with your sock of the month club (e.g., your socks are falling apart or smelling worse than when they arrived), we'll happily refund you and let you cancel without any issues.

How long does it take to receive my socks?

The time from when you sign up to receive socks can vary based on how far away you live from shipping facilities, however most sock-of-the-month clubs take roughly one month to ship out their first pair. Once your account is established and approved, you’ll get a welcome email with all kinds of details about your membership including where and when your new pairs will be shipped. Most companies do not give a lot of notice so if you are planning to travel, it might be best to hold off on signing up until after you return home. All socks should arrive in a padded envelope or box via USPS within two weeks if they aren’t delayed by weather conditions.

Is there a discount if I order multiple pairs?

The biggest sock-of-the-month clubs offer bulk discounts if you order multiple pairs. For example, If you buy two pairs at a time from Bombas, they’ll cost $14 each. But if you buy four pairs at once, they’re $13 each. Not too shabby! It’s one of many reasons why we think these socks are so great: They not only keep your feet comfortable, but also come with an affordable subscription plan. We tried out three sock subscriptions to see how much value and variety we got for our dollar.

How can I choose between all these awesome designs?

The best sock of the month clubs are all about style, value, and convenience. There’s no need to walk into a mall and make yourself late for work trying to find socks that match with your favorite shoes. Just choose from a few designs, get them shipped to you every month, and never worry about mismatched hosiery again!