The Best Sock of the Month Clubs for Your Feet

The Best">sock of the month Clubs for Your Feet

How many socks do you have? Do you wear all of them at once? If not, why not? If you don’t want to be left without clean socks or without any socks at all, you might consider joining Philosockphy , which sends subscribers new pairs of socks every month based on their style and size preferences. Here are five creative ways to fold your socks and make sure you never have to worry about running out of clean pairs again!


Most sock subscription services send you an average of three pairs a month. You’ll usually find one pair that fits, one that is comfortable and another that can be used as a rag if nothing else. When you choose your socks on your own, however, you get to pick exactly what works best. That means being able to choose socks with all-day cushioning or something with gel padding around the heel area. If you don’t like how something feels when it's new, then put it aside and save it for a day when your feet are feeling extra sore or pampered. Some people prefer cotton socks; others swear by wool.

Quirky Threads

In addition to having an amazing sock subscription service, Quirky Threads also has two other ways to access their great collection. First, you can join them in their">sock of the month club. This club is not only affordable, but it also provides a fun assortment each and every month. Of course, if you aren’t able to commit to a monthly sock schedule, you could always simply purchase a single pair here and there when they catch your eye—which is hard not to do with such an awesome selection. They even have colorful laces that are super trendy right now! In fact, they’re so popular that they have their own category on Quirky Threads website. Definitely check them out if you like unique socks!

Gamers Club

Each month you'll receive a brand new pair of socks and a $10 credit that can be used toward select purchases in their store. Whether you want to buy a new game or snag some socks, your monthly credit covers it. The club is also great for gift-givers looking to find something different (and at only $9 per month, well under traditional sock-of-the-month club prices). Shipping is free within U.S., so you really have nothing to lose!

Happy Socks">socks subscriptions are always a great gift idea if you know someone who is hard to shop for or just loves socks. While most sock subscription boxes tend to focus on athletic socks, Happy Socks puts an emphasis on bold designs and comfortable fabric. Their">sock of the month club offers three different styles every month and guarantees you’ll receive at least one colorful pair every time. You can sign up for three, six, or twelve months at a time and choose whether you want classic and basic black socks or colorful pairs only. If gifting isn’t your thing, there’s also an option to just buy each new style as it launches on their website.

Sock It To Me

If you’re tired of your socks always ending up in a tangled heap at the bottom of your laundry basket, try one (or all) of these sock subscription services. The best sock subscriptions are ones that combine style and function with a commitment to freshness (the dreaded sweaty sock syndrome). We’ve ranked them based on what comes in their standard box. Plus, we’ve included three other specialty services—for wool socks, men’s socks and pajama socks—that also rank high in our book. Since it can be difficult to find just one pair that fits well, let alone 12 pairs at once, it might make sense to sign up for more than one subscription service if you have a lot of feet to keep happy.