The Best Sock of the Month Club: Which One Should You Join?


How often do you think about your socks? If you’re not wearing socks, that question may seem like an odd one to ask you to consider—you might be thinking more about how to keep your feet warm than about the socks themselves. Even if you’re wearing socks, though, there’s a good chance that you don’t give them much thought beyond selecting them in the morning, before getting on with your day.


A) Men’s sock subscription boxes

These are all great socks, but they're not necessarily a perfect fit for your needs. Whether you want some fun socks for men, cool mens socks, or colorful ankle socks, there's a subscription box that will satisfy your needs.
1) For some really cool and funky men’s socks that come in a variety of styles and colors, check out fun socks for men. They have awesome crew socks, crazy color dress socks and cool ankle socks. All their designs are made with high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear all day.
2) For those who like more formal-looking attire like business suits or khakis, then check out Crew Socks by DapperSocks.


C) Boxes with both men’s and women’s socks

There are a lot of sock clubs out there, but what really separates The Sock Drawer is that they offer both men's and women's socks. The mens purple ankle socks, for example, will make any man feel like a king, while the mens colourful socks will give your feet more color than you knew existed. And don't forget about the mens colourful ankle socks - these are perfect for either work or play. If you need some gift inspiration for a friend or family member, we recommend checking out our fun men's ankle socks or our fun dress socks. Whatever your style is, we've got something that will suit you perfectly.


D) Subscription boxes that only send accessories

If you want a sock subscription that sends accessories and not just socks, there are some great options to choose from. With so many socks on the market, you may be looking for something different to spice up your wardrobe. There are many types of subscriptions out there, but if you're looking for a good mix of colors and patterns, these subscriptions offer both.
The first option is called The Coolest Crew Socks. This subscription comes with 12 pairs of crew socks that come in a range of colors or patterns every month. The second option is called Awesome socks club. This subscription comes with 6 pairs of socks delivered every month in 3-4 color combinations or designs per delivery.