The Best Sock of the Month Club That's Guaranteed to Make Your Feet Happy

The Best sock of the month Club That's Guaranteed to Make Your Feet Happy

You know that pair of socks you reach for over and over again because they’re your favorite? The ones that go perfectly with whatever you happen to be wearing, whether it’s jeans or slacks, sandals or sneakers? If only you could buy more of them at once. If only you could always have that perfect pair ready to wear, no matter how quickly your old socks wear out. The sock of the month Club has your solution, guaranteed to make your feet happy!


What is the sock club?

Sock it to Me! is a sock of the month club for men that will make your feet happy. For less than $20 per month, you'll receive a package with two pairs of socks (or more if you want). The socks can be anything from funky socks, dress socks, and crazy color dress socks--anything fun and colorful. Plus, they offer free shipping and exchanges so you can swap out your old pair for something new!


Why is it so good?

We at Men's ankle socks have found that ankle socks are an awesome gift for those in your life who don't really need anything, but always want something. The best part about a sock subscription is that you can make it as personal or as vague as you want. For example, if someone has a birthday coming up and you're not sure what they want or if they already have everything they need, just order them a sock subscription! They'll love getting some new fun socks every month with no effort on your part. Plus, socks are like underwear - they're never too fancy and there are so many different styles that everyone is guaranteed to find something they like. So go ahead and get them started off right with our monthly sock club!


Who can join?

A subscription service for awesome socks delivered every month. The best sock of the month club that's guaranteed to make your feet happy. We send you a different pair or two, hand-picked by our team, every single month so you'll always have something new and exciting to wear with your favorite outfits.


Where can I find it?

For a fun, affordable and easy gift, check out the great socks from sock of the month. They offer a variety of styles for men, women and kids that are sure to please anyone on your list. You can choose between mens purple ankle socks or mens colorful socks, which are made from high-quality materials like cotton and spandex. Whether you're looking for funky crew socks or cool ankle socks for men, this is one subscription that will make your feet happy! Plus, with free shipping on orders over $35.00 USD and free returns within 30 days of purchase, it's hard to go wrong with this sock club!


What are my options?

- Mens Colourful Crews: A monthly surprise of colourful socks for men in a size medium.
- Mens ankle socks: Monthly delivery of cool mens socks that are cool and comfortable.
- fun dress socks: A monthly sock subscription for fun, bright and colorful dress socks for men that are perfect for any occasion.
- Cool Men's ankle socks: Cool, colorful ankle socks delivered monthly for men who want something different than what you'll find in stores.


How do I order?

When you sign up, you'll get a box with three pairs of socks. You'll be able to choose from four different colors and styles. At any time, you can skip a month or cancel your subscription. If you're not sure what size is right for you, they offer free returns and exchanges.


Do they offer a discount/coupon code?

If you're looking for a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for man in your life, make sure you check out the best sock subscription out there: The sock of the month Club. With 12 months of socks delivered right to his door, he'll be able to wear something new and fun every month! There are so many options available--from crew socks, cool ankle socks, fun novelty socks, and more. Plus, they offer a discount code on their site. Just enter DISCOUNT at checkout and get 15% off your first order!


How do I contact them?

Since you're reading this, we bet you want to buy some cool socks. We understand that the struggle with this purchase is that it could be difficult ordering and putting in credit card information over a website. You'll never have to worry about that because we accept PayPal and Amazon Pay. In addition, you can choose from a monthly or quarterly subscription for our sock of the month club. The prices for these ranges based on which package you choose and how many pairs of socks you would like per delivery. We can't wait to make your feet happy!