The Best Sock of the Month Club: Awesome Subscriptions for Sock Lovers


Need to spruce up your sock game? The best sock of the month club will provide you with new and exciting socks every month, for a price that won’t break your budget. Check out our list of the most awesome subscription services available today! Plus, we reveal some insider tips on how to get the most value out of your sock subscription! So without further are the 10 best sock of the month clubs currently available in 2016! Enjoy!


What you get

This sock subscription is my favorite. For a monthly fee, you get three pairs of socks that are chosen by the makers. I love that each month, you get something different and new. The colors are always fun, and I really enjoy wearing them at work because they make me feel more enthusiastic about life. One thing to note is that if you're into mens dress socks this isn't your best choice. If you're looking for awesome ankle socks or crazy color dress socks, this club is perfect for you!


Why it's awesome

As a sock lover and lover of men's socks, I was so excited to try out this awesome sock subscription. The selection is so fun and versatile- there are socks for all occasions! I also loved how many colors there were to choose from- it's like a rainbow exploded in your lap! What makes this company even more awesome is that they are donating 10% of their proceeds to help those who need it most. This will be my go-to gift idea and cool mens socks club!



For $10, you'll receive one pair of socks each month. For $19, you'll get two pairs. For $29, you'll receive three pairs. And so on. You can also choose to purchase a subscription as a gift and have it sent to someone else! The best sock subscription is available online at Awesome Subscriptions for Sock Lovers or by calling 1-888-766-8348


Is it worth it?

Awesome Subscription of the Month is a sock subscription service that sends you a pair of awesome socks every month. They have two different tiers, one with 8 pairs and another with 12 pairs. There are also various sock styles to choose from. The men's purple ankle socks were a fun addition to my collection, as well as the mens colorful socks which I wore on Christmas day! This is an awesome gift idea too, especially when it comes to stocking stuffers or secret santa gifts! And best of all? It's delivered right at your doorstep so there's no need to worry about wrapping them up!


How to subscribe

For many men, socks are an essential part of their wardrobe. The variety and colors available can be overwhelming, which is why we've created a subscription service that will send you a pair every month to make sure you always have something fresh on your feet. Here's how to subscribe:
1) Choose your style preference in the sign-up form below and hit Sign me up. 2) We'll send you an email from our partner store with instructions on how to set up your account (and they'll ask for your credit card information). 3) Shop away! Your first order will arrive in just 2 weeks.