The Best Sock of the Month Club: A Sock Subscription Review

The Best sock of the month Club: A sock subscription Review

If you’re looking for the best sock of the month club, you’ll want to look into this one from The Sock Drawer. Not only do they offer an impressive collection of socks, but their customer service was also top-notch and you can cancel your subscription at any time (unlike some other sock of the month clubs we found). You may never need another pair of socks again! Learn more about why this company was rated #1 on our list in the full article below or read on to check out our review!



Do you love crazy socks? Crazy colors? Wacky patterns? awesome socks club is the place for you. With a sock subscription, you'll get a new pair of awesome socks every month without having to think about it.


What We Liked

crazy socks are always a party favorite. We love all kinds of socks, from funky and colorful ankle socks to fun dress socks or even cool men's ankle socks. But there is something about getting a new pair every month that is just so satisfying! Every month we find ourselves with a drawer full of new, unused pairs we have no idea what to do with. So, this winter when it starts to get cold and we're looking for some warmth around our ankles, we'll turn to our sock subscription service that gives us one new pair every month!


What We Didn’t Like

Some people might think that socks are boring and one size fits all, but we know you need socks that fit just right. That's why we only offer socks for men and women in a variety of colors and styles. We understand that for some people it may be hard to find cool socks for men or funky mens ankle socks, so we've got your back! Our goal is to provide you with something different than what you would find at the store.


Overall Thoughts

All it takes is one look on Instagram to be convinced that a sock subscription is worth it. Between the crazy socks, colorful socks, and cool socks for men, you'll never want to wear anything else. But what about comfort? That's exactly where a good sock of the month club comes in. The best sock subscription for me was a combination of fun colorful socks with awesome ankle socks for work. With their crazy color dress socks and funky crew socks, you're guaranteed not to see anyone else wearing your same style. The best part is that this company offers deals for first-time customers!


Would We Recommend It?

Socks are an essential item in any wardrobe, but let's face it, they can get boring. Thankfully, there is a solution! We have found an awesome sock subscription service that will send you 3 pairs of socks per month for as low as $9.99 per month. This sock subscription service offers crazy socks, ankle socks and crew socks in a variety of colors and styles including fun dress socks and cool mens ankle socks. What really sets this sock subscription apart from the rest? The quality is excellent, the prices are unbeatable (especially when compared to department stores) and they offer free shipping on orders over $20!
Check out our full review below to find out more about this awesome sock subscription service!