The Best Sock of the Month Club: 5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks


An incredibly comfortable and adorable sock of the month club, The sock of the month Club, offers customers five great ways to fold their socks. But why would anyone want to fold their socks? The sock of the month Club has answers...


1. Four Basic Folds

Start with a sock that is right side out. There are four basic sock folds which are best for socks with a snug or loose fit. Be creative and use your own folding techniques if you have any!
1) The first fold is called the Basic Fold. It can be done in three different ways, depending on what type of sock it is and how tight it fits. The first way requires you to hold the top part of the sock so that it starts from your hand, and then pull down on one side while pushing up on the other side until they meet. Then fold again so that there is a new crease down the middle. This will give you a similar result as if you were rolling up a towel, but instead with socks!


2. Over-the-Shoe Method

The over-the-shoe method is perfect for days when you're on your feet all day. Simply slip one sock on, then put your shoe over it, and then put the other sock on like normal. This will prevent your socks from bunching up or sliding down into your shoe while still keeping them comfortably in place. It's also great if you have a foot injury and need to keep both socks in place so they don't rub against any sensitive skin.


3. Countertop Method

This might seem like a strange way to fold socks, but it's one way that you can use your countertop as an organizational tool! You can place a sock on top of a kitchen towel, put another sock on top and continue this pattern until you have folded all your socks. You'll then be able to stack them neatly on your countertop, which will make it easy for you find them later! It's also handy if you are running low on storage space. No need for any fancy contraptions - just use what you've got at home.


4. Plier Method

There are a few ways to fold socks, but the easiest is probably the plier method. Get a pair of socks and place them in one hand, then pull one sock over so it's facing you. Hold your other hand like you're grabbing a pliers or using scissors, and press down on both socks so they stay folded together in your hand. Flip your hands over so now you're holding them like you would a bag with handles, then move your hands up and down as if shaking out something heavy.


5. Jar Method

1) Line up your socks, all facing the same direction. 2) Flip one sock inside out and fold it in half. 3) Place that sock at the end of your line, then turn it back so it is facing outward. 4) Take one sock from your line and put it on top of that inverted sock, making sure they are folded in the same direction. 5) Repeat this process until you have a neatly-folded pile of socks. 6) Store them in their own drawer or container, preferably with some sort of lid so they don't get tangled with each other! 7) Enjoy knowing you'll always find a clean pair when you need them!