The 6 Best Sock Subscriptions

The 6 Best Sock Subscriptions

How many pairs of socks do you own? Chances are, if you’re like most people, the answer to that question is more than I care to admit. Why do we have so many socks? It’s not because we wear all of them each day—most of us don’t have time for that sort of shoe rotation! Instead, socks end up accumulating in our dresser drawers and deep in the back of our sock drawers as we get new ones at holidays and birthdays from loved ones.

5 Reasons why you should start a sock subscription

While it might sound frivolous, a sock subscription is just what you need if you’re looking for an inexpensive gift. They make great stocking stuffers or additional gifts that aren’t too expensive. While some socks are pricey, a good sock subscription won’t break your bank and will ensure that you receive something fun to wear every month. Plus, there’s nothing like receiving cute new socks in the mail; it’s basically like getting cool little packages every single month! It's not uncommon for boxes of swag to be sent to movie stars and A-listers, so why shouldn't regular people get them too? Whether you want something pretty or practical, there are subscriptions available in different sizes and styles so everyone can find something they love.

Our Picks for the 5 Best Sock Subscriptions

To start things off, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite sock subscriptions. If you’re not familiar with sock subscriptions, they are exactly what they sound like: You sign up for a monthly service that delivers high-quality socks to your doorstep. They range from dress socks to athletic socks and, yes, even really cool socks! Below is a list of six top-notch sock subscriptions that will keep your feet and wardrobe looking great all year long. For any aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner, these are valuable resources you won’t want to miss out on.

#1 - Bombas

The Bombas subscription is a sock-of-the-month service for men, women and kids that delivers four pairs of socks per season in an effort to reduce foot odor. The price of membership depends on your choice of either two or four pairs per month and each delivery includes a newsletter providing you with a brief history of Bombas and offering other information about staying healthy and comfortable. While their primary objective is to promote clean feet, their socks are also designed to be stylish, soft, breathable and machine washable. Reviews from customers include: I have never received so many compliments on my shoes as I do when I wear these brilliant colorful socks, The material is quality.

#2 - BombaBundles

Bombas socks are revolutionary in that they have extra cushioning at impact zones in your feet, protecting you from pain and fatigue. The brand has grown popular through multiple avenues – first, by word of mouth and then through social media marketing. Besides making a great product, Bombas is also known for its sock-of-the-month club (not to mention its free shipping). The sock subscription itself offers an opportunity to try out all sorts of styles while pairing it with a charitable cause. Currently, Bombas gives one pair of their socks away to someone in need for every four pairs sold. Ultimately, Bombas is looking to sell more than just socks: It’s selling happiness.

#3 - NichePays

NichePays has a monthly subscription service that delivers fun socks to your door each month. What’s really cool about NichePays is that you get to choose what your own sock box will look like. It’s like getting a surprise in every package, without all of the unexpectedness and disappointment usually associated with surprise packages. The company recently started carrying women’s socks as well. Although men can benefit from cool socks as much as women, it’s nice to see them expanding their horizons – they only have one shape left to fill! That said, I haven’t seen many subscription services for female-oriented fashion items, so I think NichePays could stand out by continuing their mission of inclusive boxes for everyone.

#4 - Awesome Threads

This sock subscription is a little different than your typical sock of the month club. Instead of getting one pair of cool socks, Awesome Threads sends you at least three pairs each month. This subscription is perfect for men who might be hard to shop for. You can also opt to get socks on a quarterly basis with these subscriptions, too. Prices range from $18-$28 depending on how many pairs you want to receive in a month or quarter.