The 5 Most Expensive Socks in the World

The 5 Most Expensive Socks in the World

Your socks are often an afterthought when you’re getting dressed in the morning. But they’re an important part of your look, too, and the right pair can add to your personality and style, just like a well-chosen tie can accentuate your neckwear. To help you stand out from the crowd with your socks, we’ve found the 5 most expensive pairs of socks in the world to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to take your sock game to new heights (or depths).

10 Reasons Why We Love sock of the month Clubs

Men may not be as fastidious as women when it comes to matching their clothes, but they still want to look dapper. That’s why we love sock of the month clubs so much. In our long-running quest for better socks, we’ve found five high-quality sock companies that will outfit you with fresh footwear every month. Here are our favorites! #1: The Knit Kit: Sure, they only have a few designs available right now and some people have said their customer service isn’t top notch—but don’t let those small niggles steer you away from The Knit Kit. Their socks feel like wearing nothing at all and aren’t too tall—which means no bunching and bagging around your ankles like what happens with other brands we tried out. #2: Splendid Socks: It was really hard narrowing down which sock company got second place; after all, one brand sent us 24 pairs of different socks (for free!) while another offered discounts on bulk orders. But Splendid socks offers superb quality across its range. If you happen to dislike any pair, just send them back within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Impressive stuff! #3: Bamboo Basics Sock Club: There’s something very satisfying about having bright socks delivered directly to your doorstep once a month. And if you get tired of gifting someone else's socks, consider signing up for Bamboo Basics' sock club and getting fresh pairs delivered straight to your door once per month. You can select everything from plain black ankle socks to fun whimsical designs featuring cute animals and smiley faces.

7 Tips on How to Match Your Tie With Your Socks

(1) Stripes. (2) Texture. (3) Similar colors. (4) Contrasting colors. (5) Match your belt buckle to your socks. (6) Just wear cool socks and don’t worry about it! (7) Have a sock subscription so you always have fresh, stylish pairs at home and work! Want more fashion tips? Visit our post on 7 Fashion Tips You Need In Your Life.

With accessories as fun as these, we have one thing to say: Now get out there and sock it to them! PS - If you want to learn more about matching ties with socks, check out our 7 Tips on How to Match Your Tie With Your Socks. Or if you’re looking for a gift that any man would love, try our sock of the month club. No matter what his tastes are—campy or classic, he’ll always appreciate getting fresh new pairs of soft socks straight from your own home (just like you do). After all, who doesn’t like cool socks? You can even create unique sock subscriptions for your friends and family so they never run out of clean socks again. And best of all, you can use code SOCKSMITH at checkout to save 15% off your first order today!

The Most Impressive and Creative Sock Subscriptions

Around January, people start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. We see an influx of gym memberships and diet books. But what about those other pesky habits you’d like to break? Like smoking? How about getting your finances in order? Or maybe you’re finally ready to pull that trigger on that investment property you’ve been eying. In any case, chances are you can make good use of a subscription box (or service) to help kick off (or keep up) with these goals. And what better way than with some crazy-expensive socks! They won’t impact your bank account as much as a car or a motorcycle—but they’ll be infinitely more satisfying than taking out another credit card. Here are five of our favorite luxury sock subscriptions.

Taking a few minutes each morning to match my socks and tie is something I really enjoy because it gives me time to focus on quality family time over quantity work time. Every once in awhile my wife will comment on how nice they look together—which makes all that effort totally worth it! I’m able to match every single one of my ties with every single one of my socks and you should try, too! It’s an awesome feeling of accomplishment when you finish (but, like anything else you do regularly, takes some practice). Here are some tips for those of you who want to give it a shot:

Ideally, what you want are socks that either have some sort of pattern or color as part of their design so that it blends with your tie.

A Stroll Through History - Coolest Sock First Footwear Ever!

7,000-year-old socks discovered near Cairo's pyramids. In their day, they were so stylish that people came from all over to buy them. Researchers are now trying to figure out how they were made. They have found ancient knitting and sewing equipment at different sites across Egypt, plus several paintings showing people wearing stockings or socks, even though it was thought that sandals or bare feet were normal for much of Egypt’s history. Was Egyptian fashion really cool then? Were those early Egyptians just a little bit vain? Or maybe these materials and equipment were used for other things besides keeping toes warm...Scientists also think there could be many more of these finds still waiting to be uncovered by archaeologists. If you want to get your hands on some socks like these today, check out our sock of the month club. We include new styles each month--from whimsical socks perfect for wearing with slippers to cool athletic socks that make great gifts. All our sock designs feature quality construction and comfortable wear without sacrificing style! Explore our selection of five star sock designs by joining today! Current Events - Not So Cool New Footwear: The most expensive shoes ever sold at auction were expected to fetch up to $9 million but failed to sell after auctioneer Christie's London called off bidding amid a lack of interest.

Where and When Can I Wear Bright or Funky Socks?

While many of us wear business casual clothes to work, that doesn't mean you can't show your individuality. Just be careful what you wear on top of your colorful socks. A pair of brightly colored or funky socks might look great with a pair of jeans, but it may not match well with a three-piece suit or a button-down shirt and tie. As always, keep safety and common sense in mind when trying out new sock styles: if they're distracting enough to cause other people to look at them more than once every five minutes (or annoy your boss), it's probably best to leave them off until you get home for the day. If you want to match your socks with a tie, then stick to wearing solid colors, patterns or designs that don't clash with each other. Solid colors are generally easier to match up. If you want some ideas on how to put together complementary pairs of shoes and ties or shirts and suits, take a look at our resources page where we have photos of hundreds of different combinations. Keep checking back as we add new options regularly! Finally, remember that dressing nicely is just as much about knowing what NOT to wear as it is about choosing pieces that work well together. Generally speaking, striped socks go better with striped pants while plain socks go better with plain pants. Vertical stripes are also better matched with vertical stripes and horizontal stripes compliment horizontal stripes. No one will stop you from doing something differently if you feel like taking a risk -- just make sure you know exactly why you’re doing so before committing yourself to an outfit.