The 5 Best Sock Subscriptions to Help You Up Your Style Game

The biggest problem with socks has always been, well, they’re socks – they’re never really the main event in any outfit and they’re rarely the focus of anyone’s attention. But while they aren’t the most exciting piece of clothing you can wear, they are very important when it comes to looking put-together and stylish. That’s why you should consider grabbing a sock subscription to keep your wardrobe stocked and your look constantly on point.

Consider your budget

That's why we love Philosockphy. It's the only sock subscription service in the world where you can design your own monthly pack! For just $34.99 a month, you get three pair of quality socks personalized to your likes and dislikes (including styles, colors, thicknesses, and even specifics about your feet). You also get a free gift with purchase every month! Plus, they offer discounts on additional pairs if you're looking for that perfect shoe-matching combo.

Consider fiber content

Fiber content is one of the most important factors when it comes to socks. Higher percentages of cotton and wool (or other natural fibers) will provide more warmth and durability, while lower percentages are better for breathability and comfort. While the best sock for you depends on what you want it for, here's a list of some subscription services that cover a range of fiber content, from high-end luxury to all-natural basics:

1. Philosockphy - Luxury socks from all over the world 2. Darn Tough Vermont - High-tech wicking socks for hunting, hiking, skiing 3. Sock Club - Customized monthly packages with three pairs each 4. Birchbox Man - From basic crew socks to dress socks 5. American Trench Co.

Look at cut and construction

Socks are an often overlooked but important part of your wardrobe. But the way you care for them can make all the difference in their longevity and how they look on your feet. Here are some points to consider when deciding which type of sock is best for you:

1) CUT AND CONSTRUCTION- -Your cut will determine whether or not your socks bunch up when you walk and which ones offer the most comfort. Some people prefer a dressy cut, while others like a more casual look. Construction will determine how much stretch your socks have and what material it's made from. For example, if you need a lot of stretch or want to wear boots, cotton construction might not be the best option for you since it doesn't stretch much at all.

Pick a subscription that fits you

Philosockphy - $9 per month, offers both men and women's socks

Philosockphy is a monthly sock subscription that sends you two pairs of hand-picked socks each month. They offer both men and women's socks, which is a great option if you don't know the size of your recipient's feet. Each pair will be different and will come in sizes large enough to fit most people. The company also lets you specify the date that you would like to receive your next delivery, so there won't be any hassle if they want to send it out sooner than usual or later.

Think about how much effort you’re willing to put into it

Since our socks are the first thing people see when they come into our office, we wanted to make sure they were good. So, we looked for a few different subscriptions that would send us new socks every month. We wanted a mix of styles and colors so it wouldn’t get boring. Here are some of our favorites.