The 5 Best Sock Subscriptions for the Sock Lover in Your Life

If you love socks as much as we do, then you’ve probably considered getting a sock subscription, where new pairs of socks show up at your doorstep every month. If you’re interested in doing that but aren’t sure where to start, read on to find out about the best sock subscriptions on the market. Sock Dreams Sock Dreams is one of the most popular sock subscription services on the web because it delivers such high quality socks at a very low cost.

#1 - Smarter Socks

At Smarter Socks, they believe that a sock should be more than just a sock. They don't want your feet to feel like they're suffocating and they don't want you to have to wear multiple pairs of socks. The socks are designed so that they stay up on your leg without any slipping, bunching, or sliding around. This is because their socks are made out of a revolutionary new material called PhilosockphyTM which is designed to move with you and never lose its shape.

#2 - Bombas

Bombas have perfected a unique blend of comfort and support. They are made with an innovative cushioning technology that is ergonomically designed to provide both arch support and pressure relief, which will keep your feet from feeling tired or sore at the end of your day. Bombas are also made from recycled materials and biodegradable packaging, so you can feel good about what you're wearing. With a subscription, you'll never be without socks again!

#3 - Black Swan Company

Philosockphy is based on a quote by Voltaire, one of the most profound thinkers and philosophers of all time. The company's mission is to provide high-quality socks while adhering to sustainable practices. Philosocks are made in Europe with unbleached cotton yarns, which means that they're not only soft and comfortable, but they also come without toxic chemicals. All of their materials are sourced from European suppliers and their factories use low-impact manufacturing processes. They only use environmentally friendly dyes and all their products are Oeko Tex 100 certified, meaning they don't contain any harmful substances. Philosocks' designs are playful but still refined--perfect for the modern gentleman who appreciates both classic style and comfort.

#4 - Skivvies Club

This subscription box service is the perfect gift for your favorite sock lover. Skivvies Club is a monthly subscription service that sends you three pairs of premium quality socks each month. The great thing about this service, is that they have a system where you can swap out any pair of socks with another, depending on what you're looking to do. Whether it be going to work or just lounging around, these are great socks!

#5 - MeUndies (Lifestyle and Underwear)

#5 MeUndies (Lifestyle and Underwear) - $30/month

For some, socks are just a necessity. For others, they're an extension of themselves. In either case, it's tough to find a sock subscription that's worth your time and money. That is, until you come across MeUndies (Lifestyle and Underwear). Founded on the basis of delivering luxury underwear with style and comfort to its customers; MeUndies have expanded their offerings to include lifestyle items such as socks. Their monthly sock club offers three pairs of men's or women's socks in addition to one pair of underwear or boxer briefs every month for $30.