The 5 Best Sock Folding Hacks from the Sock of the Month Club


Using the same old method to fold your socks may be one of the most boring parts of your day. It’s so simple and repetitive, you may even fall asleep mid-fold! But don’t worry – help has arrived in the form of an innovative sock of the month club that offers 5 unique sock folding hacks that will change your life forever! You’ll never go back to the boring old way once you see what these guys have to offer!


Sock Storage (aka How To Fold A Pair of Socks)

There are two ways to store socks. You can either fold them and place them in a drawer or hang them on a clothesline. Here are five different ways you can fold your socks for storage:
1. The Zigzag Fold - Start by laying your socks out flat, then fold one side over to create a zigzag shape with your sock, like you would if folding a letter.
2. The Roll-Up Fold - Begin by layering your socks on top of each other with one facing up and the other facing down, then roll the tops over each other until they meet in the middle and form a cylinder shape.


1. Rolled By Hand

Socks are always an excellent gift for men, but do you know how to fold them?
If you don't, I'm about to show you the five best sock folding hacks from The sock of the month Club.
Some people may think socks are a mundane gift, but really they're not - there's a whole world out there in terms of fun socks for men and cool mens socks. If you have trouble deciding on what to get your guy, we've got your back!
#1 The Basic Fold: Roll your pair of socks and place it on top of each other with one end overlapping by half. Next, fold that half-overlap over again so that it creates a small circle.


2. Rolling with a Rolling Pin

There are so many ways to fold your socks that you can do with a rolling pin. We'll show you five of our favorite socks folding hacks, including how to fold socks inside out and make adorable little sock animals!
1) The first way is to just roll up your pair with the heel on the inside and twist the fabric around it. This is a great way for dressier socks or solid-colored pairs of ankle socks. You can also use this as a technique for keeping your kids' play clothes together before washing them!
2) Another popular folding method is to roll them inwards, then over themselves in order to form two tubes that resemble small garlic roasts.


3. Method #1 - Triangle Style

With your sock inside out, start at the heel and grab the material. Fold it over so that your heel is now on top, and then fold it back down so that you have a triangle shape. The only difference between this style and other styles is that you don't fold it up to create an actual triangle shape - just leave it flat.
If you're using dress socks or crazy color socks, try this trick: If you don't want to be limited by what colors are available in store, buy your own assortment of socks in different shades and patterns instead! This way, when you get bored with one pattern, trade them out for another!


4. Method #2 - Diamond Style

There are a few different ways to fold socks, but this is by far my favorite. You may need to practice a few times before you get it right, but once you do it'll feel like a party trick.
1) Put the sock on your hand with the toe touching your palm and the heel against your fingers. 2) Fold one side of the sock over and tuck it into the other side so that they overlap slightly and form a diamond shape. 3) Continue folding in both directions until all four sides are tucked in and there are no loose ends poking out.