The 10 Best Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

The 10 Best Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

How many times have you been sitting on the couch and realized that you’re missing one sock, or worse, don’t even have any clean socks? In the interest of taking care of your feet, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best sock subscriptions to help ensure that you never go without fresh socks. Whether you want comfort socks, athletic socks, or just some simple black dress socks, we’ve got you covered!

1) Darn Tough - Best for Durability

Darn Tough makes thick and durable socks (the hiking line) that are ideal for everyday wear and outdoor adventures. If you can tear a hole in one of these bad boys, they’ll replace them up to 100 times. Unlike most sock subscriptions, there’s no risk of getting stuck with random colors or styles—every pair is chosen by your foot type and style of hiking. The company also donates one pair of socks per month ($15 per pair) to homeless shelters across America.

2) Bombas - For Unisex or Gifting

Bombas is an awesome company that donates a pair of socks for every pair you buy. If you’re looking for a cute unisex option, they also have Bombasies (socks made specifically for women). They sell in pairs, three-packs and five-packs. Prices start at $9 per month. Buy from Bombas .

3) Smartwool - For Quality Not Price

Smartwool socks are a favorite of both hikers and ballplayers, and are guaranteed to keep your feet dry and cozy. Smartwool’s formula is a blend of merino wool, nylon, spandex, and elastane that is not only comfortable but also moisture-wicking. The cost for a pair can be steep (they run about $30 per pair), but there is one exception: for $9/month you can get a monthly sock subscription from Philosockphy. For some people who love high-quality socks but hate dropping $30 at once on them, it’s ideal. Plus, you always know you have something fresh in your sock drawer when it’s delivered straight to your door each month!

4) Wigwam - Natural Fibers

Wigwam socks feature natural fibers that regulate temperature, helping your feet feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Wigwam is also one of a few brands that doesn’t use compression to shrink its socks—which is especially important for those with bigger feet. While compression tends to create a second skin effect, it can actually be harmful because it creates cuts between your toes that allow bacteria and fungi to grow. So, if you have sensitive feet or just want really soft, breathable socks, go with Wigwam!

5) Stance - Great Designs with Runners in Mind

Stance is unique in that it's one of only a few brands that focuses on design and style while still maintaining comfort. Its socks are also made in San Francisco, which gives them a little something extra. Stance doesn't just look good—it feels good too. The socks are made with high-quality materials and offer great cushioning and durability so they'll last you a long time. Additionally, unlike many other sock subscriptions out there, you have complete control over your subscription choices—meaning you can choose any style of sock for any month (or any frequency of delivery). That allows some flexibility if you don't always wear black dress socks or athletic socks, for example.

6) Toad&Co - Lightweight Performance

Toad&Co is a Portland-based company that offers an awesome sock subscription box. There’s no signup required, and shipping is completely free! The best part? Toad&Co offers lightweight performance socks for men and women, including their signature merino wool athletic sock called Trail Toes. If you’re active in any type of sport or just looking for a new everyday pair of socks, I definitely recommend giving Toad&Co a try!

7) Fratello - Groomsmen Gifts Made Easy

Fratello is a sock subscription box service that makes it easy for groomsmen to get socks as a gift. In fact, they make it almost too easy - you pick which pair of socks each groomsman will get (or you can choose from their pre-selected pairs) and Fratello takes care of everything else. The company has three different box options; Classic, Sporty and Creative (the latter allows you to create your own design). Once your order is placed, there’s nothing else left for you or anyone in your wedding party to do but wait.

8) Rhone Apparel - Handmade in America

This Austin-based sock subscription is for guys who want their socks made in America, but with a twist. The monthly package includes a slipper pack and a dress sock pack, and it ships every month. Like all subscription boxes, Rhone Apparel lets you opt out of your subscription if you're dissatisfied (just email them). You can also swap one pair of socks out each month, so it's not really like subscribing to those other sock subscriptions where you'll get stuck with stuff you don't like or wear. All of their socks are made in Texas. $21/month for two pairs of slipper socks, $14/month for two pairs of dress socks.

9) Wool & Prince – No rubbing or sweating (Perfect for hot weather use!)

Wool & Prince is hands down my favorite sock subscription service. They use ridiculously high-quality wool and offer a no-rub guarantee so you can try them without worrying about your feet sweating through their new socks. The Wool & Prince subscription has two plans: $25/month or $240/year. The company also offers free shipping both ways and exchanges if your socks don’t fit or aren’t quite right for any reason (lucky you!). They have an extensive range of sock styles, from dress socks to hiking boots, that are perfect for every situation. I’ve tried countless different brands and types of socks in my time but always seem to go back to Wool & Prince for excellent value and quality.

10) Barefoot Dreams – Luxury at its finest.

We’re not just talking about socks here, people. The Barefoot Dreams Luxury Alpaca Blend sock line is easily one of our favorite subscription box items. Each month, you’ll receive a pair of stylish alpaca-blend socks in neutral colors like tan, gray and brown. If that wasn’t enough, each order comes with an exclusive 100% microfiber foot scrub and butter spread. We don’t know about you but we love getting something extra for free! And did we mention that all orders come with free shipping? What are you waiting for? Start your free trial today! Our #1 pick!