The 10 Best Sock Subscriptions

The 10 Best Sock Subscriptions

How many socks do you go through in a year? Even if you aren’t great at math, you can probably figure out the answer to that question – and then multiply it by two! That’s how many socks you’ll need to keep yourself from having to worry about buying socks anymore. Of course, this means signing up for one of the best sock subscriptions on the market, and there are plenty to choose from. Some come with six pairs of socks, while others send up to 12. Some are meant for men, while others are perfect for women or kids.

1) Know your type of socks

A key question when selecting a sock subscription is whether you want variety or are perfectly happy to receive the same type of socks every month. For example, if you subscribe to one of Philosockphy’s curated sock selections like its Men’s Luxury Socks Box, which delivers three pairs of stylish socks per month and rotates in new selections every six months, you won’t receive an additional box until your next scheduled shipment date. Contrast that with another popular monthly sock subscription service called Happy Feet Club, which delivers 12 pairs of designer socks over a period of several months—three at a time over four shipments. Choosing between these two subscriptions becomes more about your personal preferences than any other criteria.

2) Know what you want from your sock subscription

Some companies offer a little bit of everything. Other companies offer specialty socks for specific sports, like running or sailing. If you want to make sure your sock subscription is good for what you want, it’s important to know exactly what you need out of it before making a decision. Also keep in mind that since sock subscriptions are monthly, there’s always an option to cancel after a month if you’re not getting what you were hoping for from your subscription.

3) Avoid sock subscriptions with no reorder facility

If you want to create a sock subscription service, it’s important to allow your customers to reorder without having to go through your whole order process again. Customers will get frustrated if they have to keep paying every month when they only want one pair of socks (and you’ll lose out on their future business). Offer them an option to store their credit card details and add information about sizing preferences and styles that suit them. Then all they have to do is pop into your online shop when they need more socks. Not sure how best to do it? Here’s a guide: How To Create A Subscription Service For Your Store

4) Beware Inexpensive subscriptions

If you're looking to add socks to your wardrobe, it might be tempting to just go with something cheap. But if you buy a cheap pair of socks, then what will happen is that you'll have inexpensive socks but still pay full price for nicer ones. This adds up in terms of dollars and cents, but also in terms of sock options. If you take advantage of an inexpensive subscription service, then your only option will be less expensive socks - so just be sure not to get sucked into an all-inclusive plan that actually limits your selection.

5) Avoid very niche sock subscriptions

You can go deeper into a specific type of sock if you’re a true collector, but it’s best to keep things simple. Stick with casual or athletic socks and ensure that they are different colors. You don’t want to be receiving five pairs of plain black dress socks in one month; it will get old fast. Instead, choose variations like patterns, stripes, argyle prints and even seasonal socks (Halloween is always fun). Just because you love Mardi Gras doesn’t mean everyone else does!

6) Research an unknown subscription thoroughly before subscribing

Most subscription boxes are filled with a variety of different products that relate to a single theme. It’s your job to do some research and figure out which box will suit you best. While there are plenty of subscription boxes, we recommend signing up for at least three before deciding which one you like best. There’s no harm in sampling different ones until you find what you love!

7) Read subscriber reviews

It’s easy to get lost in your own bubble and fall into a pattern of thinking that you know your customers better than they know themselves. It’s important to test how well you really understand your audience and to do that, you should try subscribing to other sock subscription services. You can read reviews from current customers, find out what styles they like most, and use those insights as part of your future marketing campaign. You can also subscribe to sites for both socks and non-socks items so you can create a master list of products—from toilet paper holders to shower heads—and keep track of what parts of it appeal most to consumers. Although it might take some time, doing research on potential customers will help ensure their satisfaction with No Show Socks.

8) Look for simple pricing options

Philosockphy is one of my favorite socks. They offer a wide range of choices, including fun designs and some that are appropriate for wear in formal situations. The company also takes care to take care of its customers - one pair I received included a note, thanking me for my purchase and offering personalized suggestions. More than anything else, it's that kind of personal touch and customer service that will win me over as a customer each time. Perhaps that's why Philosockphy offers eight different subscription plans ranging from three pairs every three months to 15 pairs every month. Even their lowest plan ($12/month) includes discounts on shipping, meaning you can get new socks without breaking your budget or going broke on shipping costs!

9) Check if the company provides replacement or guarantee service

Sometimes socks wear out faster than you expect, especially if you’re walking miles every day. Check to see if a company will send you a replacement pair as soon as you start noticing that your socks are tearing apart quickly. They may also offer wear-and-tear guarantees for longer subscription periods, but it's important to remember that these guarantees aren't always applicable for every customer. Some companies might not let customers apply these discounts retroactively. It’s up to your discretion whether to take them or not, but we’ve included them in our reviews just in case they're relevant.

10) Consider 2-month subscriptions over 1-month ones

The biggest drawback to most sock subscriptions is that they only come with one pair of socks per month. That means, if you aren’t careful, you could end up with a drawer full of socks that you never wear. To avoid that pitfall, we recommend considering 2-month subscriptions over 1-month ones, especially if your goal is to have enough pairs of quality socks on hand at all times. This ensures that you have time to test out different options and decide what works best for your particular needs. Also keep in mind that many sock subscription services offer discounts for signing up for multiple months at once—if 2 months makes more sense than 1 but 4 seems a bit excessive, choose 3 or 4 months instead! It's all about personal preference here.