The 10 Best Sock and Tie Combinations for a Professional Look

The 10 Best Sock and Tie Combinations for a Professional Look

You may think you can’t afford to be too picky about what socks you wear. If you already have a collection of old socks in your drawer, this may be true. But if you’re looking to build an attractive and comfortable collection of dress socks that will last through the years, there are plenty of ways to go about it that won’t break the bank and will keep your socks looking great all day long. Here are ten fantastic sock and tie combinations that will always make you look sharp and feel comfortable during your day at work or on a night out with friends!

1) Black suit, red tie, white socks

Black suit, red tie, and black socks: For those who like to keep it simple, pairing all black is a good option. A dark suit with a dark tie is dressy enough for an interview or important meeting, but not so formal that you won’t be comfortable. Also consider wearing white undershirts (as long as they’re clean) or no undershirt at all. A belt might make your ensemble look less casual than you want; leave it off if you're aiming for something more professional than causal. If wearing all black just isn't your style, try pairing either of these outfits with brown leather shoes instead of plain black ones—it adds visual interest without pushing things too far into formality territory.

2) White suit, blue tie, red socks

This combination is eye-catching, but it’s not always appropriate. For example, it might be too flashy for a business meeting or not flashy enough for an evening at your favorite nightclub. While you can pull off any combination as long as it looks good, you don’t want to end up looking like you are overdoing things—in other words, there’s nothing wrong with simple combinations. Below are ten solid sock and tie combinations that will add some color to your outfit without drawing unnecessary attention.

3) Grey suit, white shirt, navy tie, grey socks

Men’s fashion changes, but these staples never go out of style. It’s why they work so well together, whether you’re dressing up to interview for a new job or sitting in that same job every day. When it comes to creating an elegant look, there are few things as underrated as matching your socks to your tie. It adds color where most people overlook it: at your feet. After all, if no one sees them but you , then what do they matter? Well here’s another secret: People see them. A lot more than you might think.

4) Navy suit, light blue shirt, navy tie

The classic look of Navy dress blues is instantly recognizable, but you don’t have to be in uniform to wear it. The combination of white shirt, navy tie and navy-colored socks (or another dark color) will make any suit appear crisply pressed. If you want to add a splash of color, simply swap out your black leather shoes for a pair in light blue. This sock and tie combination works just as well with other suit colors as it does with navy.

5) Navy suit, grey shirt and red tie (or pink!)

If you’re going to wear a suit to work or an interview, you need to match your tie with your socks. The conservative outfit is always stylish, but when you add in bold accessories like red or pink socks, you take things up a notch without being overly flashy. It’s like having an extra piece of flair that doesn’t detract from your outfit, but rather helps compliment it. And remember: You can never go wrong with navy blue! A grey shirt underneath keeps it professional and appropriate.

6) Brown suit, brown shirt and green tie (or yellow!)

It’s not always easy to find matching clothes, even when you stick to matchy-matchy. The easiest way to pull off a professional ensemble? Make your shirt (or tie) stand out in an unexpected way, whether by adding some color or choosing something like an argyle pattern that grabs people’s attention without being loud or obnoxious. When it comes to making yourself look put together while keeping things interesting, we recommend checking out these nine (very creative) examples of men whose shirts match their ties—and vice versa.

7) Blue suit, white shirt, blue tie

The blue suit, white shirt, blue tie combination is more common than you might think. Blue ties match with anything and everything, so if you want to stay safe while still looking professional, consider pairing your blue suit with one of these solid colors. Choose from dark or light tones depending on your skin tone: If you have pale skin, go with lighter shades of blue; if you have darker skin, opt for darker blues instead. The former can make your face look washed out; likewise, a dark color can make those who are tanned appear pale. How about that for awkward?

8) Black suit, black shirt and black tie (maybe with grey socks!)

Just because you’re in a professional setting doesn’t mean that you can’t be yourself. A black suit can look great with just about any color socks, including patterned ones. Yes, even patterned socks with ties! We suggest sticking to neutrals such as black or grey, but if you want to mix it up and add some flair to your work ensemble, go for it. Just make sure your tie is dark enough to cover whatever patterns your socks have—and that you coordinate all of your outfit pieces so there aren’t any clashes.

9) Black jacket with textured fabric over checkered dress pants

If you've got a nice, high-quality black jacket, it can be paired with nearly anything. This is a classic look that's going to work well in both professional and social settings. With checkered dress pants, your look will stay on trend but still be appropriate for pretty much any event or environment. For an added touch of class, try coordantechouthpnll a as heenm d an eserry d t eauib < > t cthier>dir olutyorut e lputrSopi desrhavbl eah, nretne o aueko entoc&uso.rens ouhs resk ter;lci vrtgeeouruend ghp/>