The Philosockphy of the sock of the month: Cotton, New Wool or Cashmere?

The best sock material depends on what you’re looking for! If you’re looking to stay warm, new wool will do the trick. New wool has natural properties that allow it to keep feet warm even when wet, which can come in handy during the wintertime if you live in an area with lots of snow or ice. However, if you’re interested in finding a sock that won’t bother your skin but will still absorb your sweat, cashmere may be the way to go! The sock of the month club gives you access to socks made from all three materials!

What do you think?

I am not a sock expert. I have seen people wear socks with sandals and with sneakers. I have seen people wear socks on their hands to keep warm. I have seen people wear socks in their hair to keep it from frizzing when they are outside in the rain.

I do know this- when you buy a pair of socks for someone as a gift, you want them to be happy with what they get and you want them to wear them!

That is why we created Philosocks which has cotton ankle socks for men, fun men's ankle socks, funky dress socks and crazy color dress socks. We also have fun crew knee high socks for women as well as gift sock subscription options that include cool socks for men and fun mens ankle socks !!!

Long-term approach versus short-term perks

Cool-weather benefits

Does it matter if I put them in the dryer?

Comparing cotton to other materials

More pricey is better right...?

Know your brand!