Ten Stylish Ways to Wear Socks

Ten Stylish Ways to Wear Socks

Socks might not be the most glamorous accessory in your wardrobe, but they’re an important one! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your sock game or simply need some stylish new options, these 10 ways to wear socks are sure to give you plenty of inspiration. And with so many subscription services offering monthly sock deliveries, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with your fashion forward sock style either!

Trendy: Over-the-Knee socks

The high-rise socks trend is still very much in full swing, but its stars are quickly beginning to fade. A good way to keep your sock game from following suit? Go with a new trend. The over-the-knee sock, also called high socks, are hot (no pun intended) right now and look great worn with a crop top or mini skirt. They can also liven up a more formal dress like pants or a pencil skirt for work by adding texture and color. If you're looking for something fun, opt for fun colors and patterns; if you want something more mature, stick with neutrals and darker colors that won't draw too much attention away from your outfit's focal point: you! Don't have an extra pair of socks laying around?

Trendy: No Strings Attached

Believe it or not, socks were once worn exclusively for function. At some point along history's timeline, however, they became a fashion statement in their own right. Perhaps you remember your first attempts at wearing argyle: Crocs and shorts as socks met with an early criticism that there was no such thing as bad weather, just bad shoes. Today that is still true! How much you invest in socks will largely depend on your own philosophy of clothing (or Philosockphy). Do you believe trends are a waste of time? Or do they encourage you to keep current while always giving yourself new style options? If the latter sounds like more fun than fussy shopping excursions, take a look at these ten stylish ways to wear funky socks!

Trendy: Crew socks with jeans

This is one of those looks that seems like it’s only for young teens, but actually comes off looking very stylish. The key is making sure your socks don’t go too high up on your leg – they should stop right at or slightly below your knee cap. There are a few rules when it comes to crew socks: 1) always match them with pants; 2) solid colors look best; 3) make sure they fit well and don’t bunch in uncomfortable places; 4) stick with dark jeans (e.g., black, navy, etc.) or jeans that aren’t too distressed (no rips). Matching darker shades and neutrals will help keep things from getting boring or distracting.

Trendy: Matching with plaid

One trend that’s still seeing life post-Christmas and NYE is plaid. And there’s no better place for it than in your sock drawer. A simple way to capitalize on current styles? Pick a basic pair of black socks, then add an element of surprise with a colorful patterned sock (or two). Add a splash of red and green like Philosockphy has done here, or go bold with bright stripes. Want to go full monty? Try coordinating your pants and tie with your signature pair. Sounds intimidating but if you want to be successful in today's competitive business world you have to at least appear trendy! So rock those socks! You'll look ten times more suave than if you were wearing jeans alone.

Classic White Crew

White crew socks are a stylish staple for any outfit. Classic crew socks with a cuff match nearly every color in your wardrobe, so you can mix and match with different shoe styles. Pair with tennis shoes for a sports look or wear them tucked into your favorite boots for more of an edgy style. Crew socks keep your feet nice and warm when it’s cold outside but they’re breathable when it’s warm. Plus, they're super affordable—you can pick up a three-pack on Amazon for $10 or less!

Classic Black Ankle

I don’t know about you, but I can’t go a day without wearing socks. They keep my feet warm and free from bacteria, so I see them as an important part of any outfit. With that said, it’s impossible for me to be comfortable in dress shoes if I wear socks that show underneath my pants or are tucked into my shoe. The only solution is wearing a pair of ankle-length socks with shorts and short-sleeved shirts or a pair of no-show socks beneath pants. Both solutions keep your legs warm while making sure that your choice in footwear doesn’t ruin your look by calling attention to your ugly socks!

Classic Knee High Stripe

Nothing is more classic than a pair of knee-high striped socks. Adding stripes to any outfit takes it from boring to bold in seconds. Put these on and wear them with an over-the-knee skirt, tight jeans, or cute black dress. The options are endless!