Ten of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes

Ten of the Best Sock Subscription Boxes

A sock subscription box can be such a joy to receive in the mail each month, giving you an opportunity to try out several different styles of socks that you may have never heard of before. It’s even better when they are all high-quality socks and will actually last more than just one wear! In order to help you find the best sock subscription boxes, we’ve compiled this list of ten of the best ones available right now.

The Unique Benefits of Different Kinds of Socks

If you need a fun, different gift idea or if you just want to treat yourself to something awesome and unique, sock subscription boxes are here for you. While most sock subscriptions have high-quality socks and are pretty expensive, we’ve found some amazing deals that come in under $20 per month. Get access to new brands every month and know that you can always count on having quality socks as a backup on hand. Here are ten of our favorite sock subscription boxes

What Makes A Good Pair Of cool socks?

Though we love our coffee, bacon and avocados, one thing we really can’t get enough of are socks. We wear them every day and many times more than just that. There’s nothing better than putting on a brand new pair each morning to go with whatever shirt you put on, so here are some cool sock subscription boxes for men who love socks just as much as we do! But why subscribe to a box? Simple: there are so many cool socks out there, it’s almost impossible to keep up! With these sock subscriptions in your life, you don’t have to worry about running out of awesome (and affordable) pairs. All these sock subscription boxes ship worldwide at reasonable prices too!

Non-Slip Shoes

As its name suggests, non-slip shoes feature a tread that keeps you from slipping and sliding on slick surfaces. The idea behind these slip-resistant shoes is to give you better traction, especially if you have hardwood floors in your home or office. To help prevent accidents due to falls, many non-slip shoes are available with different tread types such as diamond plate or spikes. You can also find slip-resistant socks if none of your other footwear has sufficient gripping power. With either option, remember to wear socks when you're wearing non-slip shoes so your feet stay comfortable and dry throughout the day.

Going to Gym

Once you’ve established your sock collection, it’s time to add some flair to your activewear wardrobe. If you plan on going to a gym or hitting up a cardio studio, you should consider investing in cool socks (no one wants to see those shins!). Looking for something unique? You can browse Zazzle’s fun and quirky sock subscription boxes or shop some of our favorite standouts from brands like Tough Cookie. Be sure not wear anything else that might clash with your funky new socks!

Keeping Feet Fresh

There are a lot of sock subscription boxes on the market. Some tend to get too creative with their themes (there’s only so much shock value you can pull from socks) and others focus on a certain type of sock (dress socks, athletic socks, etc.). One thing that many subscribe to is themed monthly boxes with some kind of theme. For example, if you have young children or maybe your hobby is woodworking or you love doing yoga, then finding cool socks related to that particular interest would be a great choice for any one month or perhaps even several months. Here are ten subscription box choices

Comfort Is Important For All Activities

No matter what you’re doing, comfort is a top priority. Whether it’s lounging around your home or relaxing in public, we all value a good pair of socks. But many subscription boxes feature socks that are no better than those you can pick up at your local Walmart. With so many great sock subscriptions available, it’s best to do your research before signing up for one. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites to give you an idea as to why they stand out and where they need improvement. If you want more information on any particular box, just click on its name in each section to see our full review! Happy shopping!

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to socks, you might be tempted to subscribe to a variety of different boxes in hopes that you’ll end up with a huge selection. But if quality is what you’re after, then sticking with one box is your best bet. By subscribing to multiple boxes at once, you run the risk of ending up with duplicate pairs. Moreover, while some sock subscription services offer discounts if you buy more than one pair per month, many won’t give a refund if it turns out that you don’t love them as much as expected.

Has A Fun Concept or Theme

From stylish dress socks to cozy, comfy cotton boot socks, most sock-of-the-month clubs aim to get you what you want or something that’s at least going to make you smile. A lot of them have a cool theme that makes each month more interesting and fun than your average box. Take for example one for Star Wars fans. If it's not in your comfort zone, then take another look because most sock subscription boxes have their mission written all over them and on social media they also do a great job highlighting photos of every single pair sent out.

Customers Love Them on Social Media

Now that you know some of our favorite sock subscription boxes, let’s discuss what we love so much about them. According to a quick search on Instagram, every one of these sock subscription boxes has at least one (if not several) pictures with dozens or even hundreds of likes. That’s a strong indication that people are happy with their purchases and are sharing their gratitude for how cool these subscription boxes are. Perhaps your organization should consider starting its own sock-of-the-month club? Who wouldn’t want to get new socks in the mail every month?

Business Listens To Their Customers

Most socks will last up to 30 washes. Our experts recommend washing socks by hand, so they’ll last longer than expected in your sock drawer. There are no special instructions when it comes to washing socks but like any item of clothing, you’ll get a better result if you follow some simple rules: don’t overload your machine, turn it off before washing and always use cold water for synthetic fibres. If you wash by hand it’s also recommended that you separate dark colours from white or light colours as otherwise they could run or fade together in the wash.

Last's Longer Than Expected In The Wash

To protect socks from bleeding or fading, fill a wash bag with 1/4 cup bleach and add socks. Let them soak for 10 minutes. Wring excess water out and lay flat to dry. Bleaching should help prevent stains, but you'll want to check for stains before wearing them again.