Superman, Spiderman, and You: The Power of Sock Subscriptions

Superman, Spiderman, and You: The Power of Sock Subscriptions

How would you like to receive a unique pair of high-quality socks delivered to your doorstep every month? Sounds nice, right? It can happen with the power of sock subscriptions! We’ve compiled this guide to help you learn more about the exciting world of sock subscriptions and how they can help you. We’ll cover everything from the basics of sock subscriptions to what kind of socks you can expect to receive each month. If you’re ready to give sock subscriptions a try, then read on! If not, no worries, we’ll see you again next time!

Why are sock subscriptions so popular?

If you have to ask, you're probably not a man. For us male folk, receiving a new pair of socks every month is exciting. We look forward to taking them out of their packaging and wearing them almost as much as we look forward to seeing what next month's pair will be. There are several reasons why men like to subscribe for fun pairs of socks, but one thing's for sure—we really do love our socks! Here are just a few benefits of sock subscriptions.

How many socks do you wear in a year?

Many people use anywhere from two to five pairs of socks in a year. In fact, according to one survey by P&G, 43% don’t replace their socks until they get holes! Additionally, washing your socks every week is definitely not enough for odor control. By using specialized bacteria-eliminating detergents or allowing your laundered socks to air dry before putting them away you can extend the life cycle of your sock by days or even weeks. On average, someone who buys a pair of socks once a month will end up buying 48 pairs in a year. Think about how much money that costs! But with Philosockphy you can subscribe to our monthly sock club and save 50-70% on premium footwear guaranteed for six months!

What exactly do we mean by socks of the month club?

A sock subscription company allows you to subscribe to monthly shipments of socks. Most subscription companies offer a custom profile where you can select types of socks, patterns and colors that suit your taste. These subscriptions usually start around $20 a month but may go up depending on how many pairs are being sent. Because they do not have to worry about going out to buy their socks every time they run out (which could be several times a month) people who wear these types of socks claim that they save money over time because these subscriptions tend to be cheaper than buying new pairs at once.

How do we decide which styles to offer?

Quality over quantity is our philosophy here at Philosockphy. Instead of including a dozen styles in each shipment (which would be cool) we select just two or three designs that are on trend, stylish and comfortable. We handpick each style with care and select what we believe to be some of your favorite sock styles from season to season - because let's face it... you're going to love them! We don't have an endless inventory to choose from because when you've found your perfect pair why mess with success?

When is a good time to start?

A good time to start a sock subscription is when you need a new pair of socks. But there are other reasons you might want to subscribe to a sock service as well. First, because socks tend to get worn out quickly—and since everyone needs them (including all family members), it’s easy for people in your household to forget about buying new ones and just wear what they have on hand until they get holes in them. With sock subscriptions from Philosockphy, you never have to worry about that again! We’ll ship out your monthly selection of 3-4 pairs (one for each week) so you always have fresh socks without needing to remember to go buy them yourself.

The cost breakdown per pair.

$6.95 + $1.00 shipping = $7.95/pair. That’s 52 cents per pair for a family-size pack of cool graphic socks. But if you get two pairs at once, that drops to $6.80/pair – or only 45 cents per pair if you buy a triple-pack for $14! That's about half as much as a decent gift card that might just end up in your sock drawer (if it's not already there). Shipping is a flat fee on every order so you don't have to worry about calculating anything special in your cart or spend more than you can afford on shipping either!

Free shipping offer via DHL Express.

We are proud to offer a free shipping benefit to our subscribers on all orders. All US domestic shipments will ship using DHL express with tracking and insurance included. If you subscribe today we can send your first box out within 24 hours. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not happy with your first month's sock choice!

A sneak peek at some upcoming collections.

Anyone can wear a t-shirt with their favorite comic book character on it, but there’s a growing subset of consumers looking for something more unique. Overflowing bins at consignment shops are evidence that no one wants to sell their geeky memorabilia anymore. If you’re someone who loves comics and collecting paraphernalia (no shame here), then subscribing to a monthly sock subscription might be just what you need. There are plenty of subscription services out there for geeks like us; from socks inspired by our favorite books to ones made from your favorite characters themselves! Here are some of our favorites