Superheroes know that socks are important! Now you can get a monthly subscription of Philosockphy socks, the sock of the month club for heroes.

Superheroes know that socks are important! Now you can get a monthly subscription of Philosockphy socks, the sock of the month club for heroes.

Do you know what the most important piece of clothing you own is? It might surprise you to find out that it’s not your favorite pair of jeans or the button-down shirt you wear to work every day. If you’re an avid superhero, you know that the most important thing in your closet is your socks! You can never have enough pairs of high quality socks, so why not subscribe to our sock of the month club and get new socks delivered straight to your door every month? We pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality socks, just like our custom designed Heroes Wear Philosophy socks!

Why do we need footie pajamas?

Socks...everyone needs them and everyone wears them. But who wants to deal with all those pesky feet? Footie pajamas solve this issue by enclosing your feet in warm, comfortable pajama pants so that you never have to worry about cold feet or cold toes again.

Footie PJ's come in many different colors and styles- from footless onesies to full legged footies, from short sleeve footies to long sleeve - there is something out there for everyone! These are not just your average pair of pajamas; they're made specifically for getting cozy on chilly nights when winter rolls around and it's time to snuggle up under the covers with a good book or binge watch some Netflix and chill!

What Makes Our Family Footie Pajamas Special?

-Each pair of our footie pajamas comes with matching mittens -We use natural bamboo fibers to create the softest fabric imaginable-Our designs are both functional and fashionable-The fit is comfortable yet snug so they won't slip off in bed-They're made with love right here in America

What makes our family footie pajamas special is that they come with matching mittens and natural bamboo fibers. The design is both functional and fashionable. They're made with love right here in America. And finally, each pair comes with matching mittens too!

Why should I subscribe to your family sock of the month club?

Philosockphy is your one stop shop for all things colourful and fun. We have an assortment of socks from cute to quirky to suit every personality and occasion. And if you're looking for something specific, just let us know and we'll do our best to add it to our collection! This sock of the month club will make sure you never run out of socks again (or at least not until next year...)

How does it work?

Philosockphy is a sock of the month club with new styles every month. You can buy one pair at a time or sign up to have one pair sent to your doorstep every single month. They come in lots of different colors, patterns and lengths so there's something for everyone. Philosocks socks also have reinforced toes and heels so they last longer than other brands too which is great because who wants to be buying new pairs all the time?

We offer free shipping on U.S orders over $25 and all orders come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so it doesn't matter if you don't like them (we promise we won't tell) just send them back within 30 days from when they were received and we'll refund your money no questions asked.

Are These Non-Skid? Are They Comfortable?

Philosocks - the original no-show socks - are much more than just a fashion statement. They're essential to your everyday comfort and well-being, too. And they come in an array of eye-catching colors and patterns to suit every personality type and mood! We believe that everyone deserves luxury--so we offer both men's and women's styles in a range of sizes, including kids'.

What makes our socks so special? Our secret weapon is an anti-slip material called gripTexTM on the bottom (which is also found on many sneaker soles). This exclusive feature ensures you'll never slide around or lose your footing again when wearing our non-skid socks.

How do I care for them? And how long will they last?

Socks are an essential part of any wardrobe and often overlooked by busy shoppers. But how do we care for them? And how long will they last? We'll answer these questions and more with this quick guide on caring for your favorite pair of socks.

What sizes do these come in? Do they fit children too? How about adults with larger feet?

Philosockphy Socks are available in adult sizes from size 8 to size 13. They also come in children's sizes from toddlers' 3-5 up to kids' 10-12 and youth 13-1. These colorful, high quality socks will keep your feet feeling their best while looking great too!

Do these have any special features other than non-skid bottoms and fun superhero prints on them? Are there any cool features like extra toe boxes or anything else that makes them stand out as unique among other products out there on the market right now, especially if they are going to be worn by kids like my son who will be running around (or maybe even me)? Section: What happens when I am done wearing these?

These socks have non-skid bottoms and fun superhero prints on them, so they'll stand out from other boring black or brown socks. And because they are made with elastic in the toe and heel, they'll stay up without sliding down into your shoe. But what happens when you're done wearing them? No problem! They're machine washable and dryable, so just toss them in your washing machine with your towels to keep things simple.