Stylish and Economical: How Combining Your Socks with Cufflinks is the Latest Trend

The majority of men have at least five pairs of black dress socks and only three of them are clean at any given time, but then again, what do you expect when you throw your laundry into the dryer? That’s why we think it’s high time that men stopped being lazy and started looking beyond their dress socks to other parts of their wardrobe where they can look and feel great. No, we’re not talking about polishing up your shoes or getting fitted at Nordstrom’s – we’re talking about combining socks with cufflinks!


– Why Combining Socks and Cufflinks?

The idea of combining socks and cufflinks seems pretty cool, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out there’s a bit more to it than that. You see, combining these two items has some extra benefits over just wearing them separately. First of all, you don’t have to buy them separately. Most sock clubs offer packages for both sets of accessories – which means you save time AND money! Second, as an added bonus to you looking great on your feet, you get a new pair of socks delivered right to your door every month. This is helpful because no one likes doing laundry – especially on their off days where they might have plans after work! Last but not least, they go together like bread and butter! Not only do each item complement each other nicely, so do colors! If you can't match your suit or blazer with one color, sometimes it's fun to mix things up by throwing in another shade (or two). Mixing colors also allows you to change up your look easily without having to purchase any new clothing. Because really – who wants to buy new clothes when they're already spending money on something else? All in all, combining socks and cufflinks makes perfect sense for anyone who enjoys luxury products at a bargain price! With a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your smartphone screen, anyone can make their style smart again in 2022! #SockClubSocks #SockClubCufflinks #TailoredTrends #TailoredTrends2022

How Cool Are Sock Clubs?: In case you’re wondering how awesome these are, here are some interesting facts:· These came from across the pond originally. A club is referred to as a group of people who communicate regularly - and that concept spread rapidly throughout Europe, leading it to eventually be accepted in America.


– Best Subscription Services

A few popular subscription services are Birchbox, Ipsy, and Julep. These are similar to box subscriptions in that they offer you a curated assortment of beauty items to try, but focus more on beauty products than on clothes. What’s great about these subscription services is that you can often score a great deal if you sign up for an annual membership. However, if monthly boxes suit your budget better, there are many of those too! Whatever your preference, just make sure to read reviews before signing up to ensure you’re getting what you want from a specific company. At some services it’s even possible to buy single boxes or items as well as subscribe—meaning every purchase helps go toward charity! – Convenience at its Best: If finding time to get out and shop is hard for you, look into purchasing online. In today’s day and age, there are so many things we do online—banking, paying bills—so why not shopping? Though we don’t recommend just buying everything online (you may miss out on something special) if shopping isn’t high on your list of priorities consider looking into it; especially when shopping for back-to-school supplies (what kid doesn't want a new pencil case?), college supplies (need pens? Check), or home goods (can’t beat free shipping!). And one word of caution: Always check return policies because sometimes buying online means you won’t be able to easily return an item should it not work out. You could always see if your local store will allow returns before ordering online, just to be safe. – Skip The Drive Thru: It's no secret that driving tends to take away our willpower a bit; now we're going to prove it scientifically. Researchers at Cornell University found that people tended to eat less healthy food when eating inside their cars rather than outside. The drive-thru window allows consumers to dispense with counter service, said lead researcher Brian Wansink, PhD, director of Cornell's Food and Brand Lab in a press release . And since few people expect fresh fruits and vegetables at fast food restaurants, most have given up trying. Yikes. This is proof enough that sitting behind a wheel makes us lose focus—making healthy eating far less likely. So, next time you’re craving a burger and fries, head to your nearest park instead. --- -All that being said, let’s put a spotlight on some stylish and economical ways to combine socks with cufflinks. Did you know it was 2018’s hottest trend? With sock clubs such as Sock of the Month Club to help you build a unique collection of fashion forward socks without leaving your home, it’s never been easier. For men who prefer convenience over style (yes, unfortunately those exist) online retailers like Amazon are offering affordable cufflink packages to include both sets for only $11 bucks.


– 4 Creative Ways to Combine your Socks

Do you own a business that specializes in sock subscription? Or are you passionate about socks and love to wear them? If so, we recommend setting up your own sock club. Some men just have too many pairs of socks cluttering their drawers, so instead of tossing them out or trying to sell them at a yard sale for a few dollars, why not start your own sock club? Set an introductory price that’s less than what people normally pay for socks individually; then deliver one new pair of awesome socks every month. Another option is to create a special package combining several varieties of socks. This can work especially well if you happen to be selling artisanal hand-knit or unique handmade socks since most knitters aren’t able to keep up with demand. – Subscription Boxes: Did you know that there are more than two dozen subscription box companies all offering various products? While some offer candles, others target dog lovers by delivering treats each month. Still others make high-end jewelry accessible by shipping it directly to your door each month. Even Amazon has jumped on board with its monthly Prime service! A great example of how a regular delivery service can add value is Dollar Shave Club . It offers razor blades delivered on a monthly basis as part of a shaving kit containing everything needed to shave while traveling—or even while camping! The affordability makes it easy for customers to stock up and always have razor blades on hand no matter where they might need them next. In fact, over half of their sales come from repeat customers—people who enjoy having a guaranteed supply of inexpensive razors! Mixing up your products in different types of packages such as these is sure to help boost repeat business. Try switching things up once a quarter by adding new items or selling only certain styles of clothing during select seasons. A great way to do this is to send out surveys via email asking what kind of items subscribers would like to see included (color preferences, size options, etc.). Once you get enough information about which types of clothing go over best, increase those types and send them out seasonally whenever possible. – Etsy/Zazzle: Have a creative talent of your own? Why not set up a shop on either Zazzle or Etsy? If knitting is your thing, you can easily setup a shop and market to crafters looking for items such as scarves, shawls, mittens, hats, leg warmers and much more. Women tend to be traditional buyers when it comes to gifts of any type. One of our favorite places to buy quality socks online is Philosockphy Sock of the Month Club ! They carry a wide variety of socks including colorful tights perfect for Halloween. Their focus is quality customer service and they stand behind their product 100%. Each item comes packaged in a charming little gift box ready to give anytime. They also provide free U.S. and Canadian Shipping on each order. If you’re a fan of fun socks, check out all of their other sock designs! Another idea is to join a local craft fair in your area. These kinds of events are fantastic for meeting new people and attracting new customers for your shop, so be sure to put out plenty of marketing materials as soon as you arrive! – Other Options: Finally, another great idea for combining socks with cufflinks is by getting others involved! For instance, consider doing sock donation drives and charity events that bring together community members in support of something good happening in your town or city.