Still Wearing Boring Old Socks? Subscribers of the Sock of the Month Club Know the True Joy of Surprising New Socks Every Month!


Who doesn’t love getting new socks? When you subscribe to the sock of the month Club, you’ll be surprised with 3 pairs of super-comfy socks each month! The best part of it? Your subscription will only cost $15 each month and shipping is included! You can either pay with your credit card or PayPal account. If you aren’t quite sure what type of socks you would like, they also have a ‘surprise me’ option where they will send out 3 randomly chosen pairs from their selection!


What is a sock of the month club

Do you still wear boring old socks because you don't want to spend money on new ones, but also don't want to risk wearing a hole in them if they're your favorite pair? Or maybe you just need a little something to spice up your sock drawer. We've got good news for you: there are subscription services out there for pretty much anything and everything these days, including socks. With a sock of the month club, every month a new pair will be delivered right to your door without any hassle or worry.



Are you still wearing boring old socks that don't match your personality or style? Enter the world of socks and subscribe to a sock of the month club today. You'll receive new, cool, fun and crazy colorful socks every month. If you're looking for a gift for dad, son, brother or boyfriend- this is it! The perfect way to show them how much they mean to you. You can also find mens colourful ankle socks and mens colourful dress socks for your everyday look. Why not spice up your wardrobe with some colourful accessories too?!


Membership Options

The sock of the month club is a monthly subscription service that sends you a new pair of socks every month. And not just any old socks-fun, colorful, crazy socks that will make your feet feel amazing. And with three different options to choose from, there's something for everyone.
The Crazy Color Lover ($24.99/month) gets you two pairs of crazy colored socks per month and a new set for each season--spring/summer, fall/winter, and summer colors all year round. The Basic Lover ($19.99/month) includes four pairs per month and The Deluxe Lover ($39.99/month) gives you six pairs per month so now you can wear fresh socks every day!


The clubs we reviewed

If you're like most people, you probably buy your socks from a store at the mall or on Amazon. You might have a preferred brand, but it's not hard to find something that will do in a pinch. But when was the last time you got excited about your socks? You might be surprised to learn that there are many sock clubs out there where subscribers receive pairs of fun and colorful socks every month. If you're looking for fun new pairs for yourself or would like an awesome gift idea for someone else this is definitely something to look into. We've reviewed three different sock clubs and here are some of our favorite features: * My favorite thing about these socks is their crazy colors! The colors are so bright and they never seem to fade after washing them numerous times.


Final Thoughts

The perfect gift for any man in your life, and a great way to spice up your sock drawer. With a membership to the sock of the month club, subscribers will receive a new pair of socks in the mail every month. Plus, there are over 20 designs to choose from so you're guaranteed to get something fun every time. If you're looking for fun socks for men or cool mens socks, then this is definitely the best sock subscription around.