Start Your Year Off Right with a Sock Subscription!

If you haven’t heard of Philosockphy Socks, here’s what you need to know: they have many different sock designs every month, made from various materials and in various styles and colors. Each month, you receive one pair of socks at your doorstep — and if you don’t like that design, the next month you can get a different pair! It’s the perfect way to revamp your sock collection without getting bored with the same old pairs every day. And it makes an awesome gift idea as well!

The philosophy behind the socks

Philosocks was founded in 2013, as we were looking for fun socks to keep our feet warm. We soon realized that there really wasn't anything out there that would tickle our fancy, so we started to make some of our own. We set out to change the way the world viewed socks by creating the best sock subscription service that we could. Our goal is to provide you with a monthly surprise of high-quality and affordable socks from around the world.

Why sock subscriptions are great gifts

Philosophy Socks is the perfect gift for men who are hard to buy for. A sock subscription gets you two pairs of fun and funky socks delivered to your door every month. The best part? They're backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so if they don't fit or you aren't happy, we'll give you your money back. These socks will be the best thing your man wears all year and they make an awesome stocking stuffer too. Choose from our cool crew socks, crazy color dress socks, fun ankle socks, colorful dress socks, or fun mens ankle socks- there's something for everyone on our gift guide for him!

What to get them?

What is the perfect gift for your dad or grandfather who is hard to shop for? How about a sock subscription?! We have three different sock subscriptions that offer fun socks for men in varying styles and colors. Our most popular ones are our monthly sock of the month club, which offers cool socks for men, and our crew socks, which are perfect for dressier occasions. For those on your list that are more into comfort we also offer a fun mens cotton ankle socks. So what are you waiting for? Go check out all the different ways you can make their holiday shopping easy this year with philosophy's sock subscriptions!

How much do they cost?

For only $39.95 per month you can get yourself a sock of the month club subscription that will keep your feet feeling fresh and looking good. A great gift idea, or just something to treat yourself, Philosophie Socks offers free shipping on every order so you don't have to worry about figuring out the perfect present for someone else. With prices as low as $1 per pair for our mens purple ankle socks and best crew socks, you can't go wrong with this fashionista's favorite sock.

Why You Should Consider Owning A Pair of These Awesome Socks Yourself

The Philosocks team is constantly working on new designs and adding new sock subscriptions to their lineup. For example, they have this awesome sock of the month club which sends you one awesome pair of socks every month. They also have these fun dress socks for men that come in some really cool patterns like polka dots and stripes, as well as some other more subtle patterns for those who want something less flashy. I'm pretty sure my dad would love to get some of these cool mens socks for Christmas because he always complains about not being able to find any good colorful socks when he goes shopping.