Socks You Wear Say a Lot about Your Personality

Socks You Wear Say a Lot about Your Personality

When you’re looking to make your wardrobe more interesting, socks are a great place to start. Some people will tell you that socks don’t matter, but I say that socks reveal as much about your personality as what you wear on top of them. For example, if you wear boring old white ankle socks, it means you’re boring and basic. But if you buy colorful and interesting designer socks, it means you like to express yourself through clothing!

The Kind of Socks I wear are:

The kind of socks I wear say a lot about my personality. The kind of socks I wear are blue, with yellow and white stripes around them, that go up to right below my knee. They feel warm in my feet and they feel good to walk in. They make me feel like I have some authority over who I am when wearing them. When putting on these socks there is a sense of joy that one feels when you put them on your feet it almost feels like being hugged by your mother right after she finished baking cookies for you.

The Kind of Socks My Partner wears are:

Sweaty socks or dress socks. He doesn’t seem to have any in between. If he wears sweats or pajamas, you can bet there will be no socks—and if he wears his dress socks with casual shoes, that’s just ridiculous. I don’t know how they do it in other countries, but American men like to wear athletic shoes and work-appropriate outfits with socks that match their outfits—even when they are in sweatpants and their feet are dirty. It’s all part of their logical approach to dressing—if your toesies are going to be covered, at least make sure it looks intentional!

The Kind of Socks my co-workers wear are:

Casual. I don’t think they care much about what their clothes look like. They tend to wear whatever feels comfortable, even if it doesn’t match or isn’t in style. That just shows me that these people are down-to-earth and don’t care what other people think of them as long as they’re comfortable and can do their job without any interference. What I wear says: I try to be very professional and presentable at work, so I generally wear pantsuits or pencil skirts that are in vogue with my peers so that they won't question my fashion sense nor feel awkward having me around if they see something not quite in style on me while we're all at work together.

My Thoughts on this Topic

Wearing socks is important; they help keep our feet comfortable and ward off infections. But we may wear socks for more than their practicality. There’s some debate as to whether or not we wear socks to cover up something in our lives that has caused us embarrassment. Some will wear ankle-highs to avoid seeing scars from an injury, others might choose shin-length styles to hide unsightly tan lines from a previous job, and still others may need support from compression hosiery. Whatever your reason for wearing them, you aren’t alone—in fact, many people do it too! It's all in how you wear them! Here are my thoughts on my favorite sock styles

A Bit About you

I’m Greg, a local business owner and do-it-yourself enthusiast. I have my own building company, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in how things work. When I was young, and got into trouble with my parents or my teachers, they’d say Gregory! What are you thinking? Well—I was always thinking. And when it came to making decisions on anything in life (schoolwork; what job to take; what socks to wear), I would want to know why one option was better than another.