Socks Subscriptions: The Perfect Corporate Gift For Employees

socks subscriptions: The Perfect Corporate Gift For Employees

Here’s the deal—there are some people who love getting socks as gifts, and then there are some people who don’t give two shits about socks at all.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary

Tired of giving your spouse kitchen gadgets, books or art on your anniversary? Sure, they might be nice gifts, but they have one major flaw—they quickly break or become obsolete. Instead of spending money on material goods that will eventually get tossed in a drawer, buy your spouse an anniversary gift that grows in value every year! Every month for ten months after you celebrate your anniversary, an envelope arrives at your door with a pair of socks inside. These aren’t any ordinary socks; these are socks handpicked by you! You can choose from dozens of styles, colors and sizes each month.

Time to Celebrate Your Service

You’ve been working hard for months on end, and it’s time to give your employees a nice pat on the back. Chances are, though, you don’t have enough money in your budget to reward them with company stock or fancy dinners at high-end restaurants. Instead of falling into that trap (and taking a big hit to your wallet), consider getting them gifts they can use every day. Since socks are one of those things most people don’t splurge on (while they really should), purchasing a subscription can get you meaningful and thoughtful business gifts that won’t break your bank—or theirs.

Well Done! 3 Years with the Company

If you know someone who has been with your company for at least three years, they’re probably a valuable asset to your business and shouldn’t be taken for granted. So, if it’s possible to throw an employee-exclusive shindig or set up a little getaway for them, it can really show that you care about their time there and are thankful for all they do. Whether it’s buying them lunch, taking them out to dinner or setting up a small getaway for just employees of three years and over—it shows that you appreciate their loyalty and hard work. This is also applicable to customers too! If someone has stuck by your side from day one, let them know with a gift card or something special.

Welcome Aboard

One thing we like to do at Philosockphy is support our local businesses in our area. This past holiday season, we decided to look for a gift that would not only support local businesses but make an impact on future potential employees. The first place we looked was Amazon and eBay. We then ventured into Google looking for some socks subscription ideas. The more research we did, though, it became clear that most of these companies had poor reviews. We checked out Local Socks during our search and what made us fall in love with them was their philosophy behind sending socks to other business owners or new hires in your company.

Nice Work This Quarter

Great job on meeting your quarterly goals. As a way to say thanks, here’s a corporate gift we hope you like: Philosockphy socks, fresh from our brand new company store! They’re just one of many products available in our new online store—so make sure to check it out and use your discount code Q4performanceto save 15% on all items.

Congratulations on your Promotion

Many companies offer a gift to employees who have been promoted. Your first promotion deserves something special, something you can cherish forever. Give them a Philosockphy subscription so they know how much you care. We’ll hand-write your message on each pair of socks as they arrive, and we’ll always add a handwritten note to every shipment so they know you're thinking about them when their new socks arrive! It’s an easy and thoughtful way to show that you care. This really is one of our most unique gifts for friends and family, coworkers or your boss—anyone who would appreciate a monthly reminder that there are people out there who value them. Plus, it's a great way to get someone started with sock subscriptions if they haven't tried them before. If you don't see any messages in stock that fit your needs, just let us know what you'd like us to write on your socks and we'll do it for free!

A little something from us to you

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, one thing we all have in common is that we could use a little gift from time to time. You never know what to get someone, and everyone is always saying it’s not about how much you spend—it’s about how much thought you put into it. That's where socks subscriptions come in handy. With socks subscriptions you can be sure that your employees will love what they receive as an incentive or just-because gift every month. Socks aren't just comfortable to wear all day at work; they're also classic enough that almost everyone will love them! You might even want to sign up for a sock subscription yourself...they're pretty great!